Another Hannah Upp Sighting?

Updated September 16th 2008 4:35PM – Several different websites are reporting that Hannah Upp was been found off of Staten Island. They are of course reporting that it was a failed suicide attempt. I’m going to wait and see however before I jump to any conclusions. I will try and post some updates this evening when I finish working.

According to WNBC family members of Hannah Upp have reviewed a surveillance tape from the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in Midtown on Friday and then again on Monday and have confirmed that it was her checking email on a computer there.
The police are also checking computer records to see if she has checked her email other times since she disappeared as well.
It sounds like police don’t consider her the victim of foul play anymore, nevertheless they still want her located as do her friends and family.
According to the article I linked to above this is not the first time that Hannah has just up and disappeared. Last semester she also took off, although it doesn’t say for how long. I have a theory that’s pretty far fetched, but here it is; We already know that Hannah is a freegan. Those are the folks that get their food dumpster diving basically. Nasty or not, that’s how it’s done. It’s a statement because we as Americans throw away a lot of stuff that’s still good. Anyway, what if being stressed out about teaching (it is an extremely stressing job, particularly for a new teacher) she just decided to REALLY go freegan. No rent, no responsibilities, hang with the hairy homeless. I guess that’ll do until the temperatures start dropping.
Like I said, it’s far fetched but it is an idea and no matter how harsh I may sound I think it’s something along those lines.
The Gothamist is also reporting that America’s Most Wanted has gotten involved and there is also a $12,000 reward for information about her whereabouts.
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