Billboard Erected For Giovanni Gonzalez

The search for Giovanni Gonzalez is still going on but police haven’t had any good leads yet that they have released to the public. This is another extremely sad ongoing story. I know his mother would like to know what happened and if there is a chance that he is still alive, for him to be found and returned safely to her.
Last week I mentioned that Clear Channel was donating space on a billboard to help further the search for Giovanni at the urging of a local teenager who just wanted to help. The billboard is up now and I’m told it’s huge.
About the only thing new I’ve heard in the case is that the police are investigating whether or not Ernesto Gonzalez may have had help from an accomplice. The article I linked to is the third or fourth mention in the last couple of days of the fact that he may have had help, which doesn’t make it true, but it is a recurring theme.

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