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It’s been several months since anything has come up in this three year old investigation which has since been closed by Aruban authorities. I ran across a story over at Greta Van Susteren’s blog just a little while ago. She received a translation of an article from Diario that talks about a new witness that has come forward in the case. I found the original article. It’s here if you are interested.
If you will recall, the chief prosecutor reopened the investigation last year late in the summer and then at the end of the year closed it again and said that they would not prosecute the three young men suspected of being complicit in Natalee Holloway’s untimely demise.
According to what I got out of the article below. Hans Mos was not happy with this new witness and was very hostile toward him. That could mean any number of things and may or may not be true. I do know one thing, from some of my reading in the Casey Anthony case I heard the rumor that some folks from Texas EquuSearch might be back in Aruba again as recently as last week doing another search. Related? Who knows. Certainly not me but it might be.
The content of the translated article is below.

ORANJESTAD (AAN) Perhaps many will say today that God is great, and in a meticulous way does His work so that every crime has hidden clues so that the solution may be reached. Today it has gone so far that DIARIO can reveal officially to the people that at last a masculine witness has come forward.
This witness felt he could no longer hold back, and at last gave his complete declaration as to what he saw at the end of May 2005, at 4 oclock in the morning, from the window of his living room.
Due to his fear of reprisals, he only gave to the local authorities a partial statement, in other words that he saw Joran walk past his house at 4:05 a.m., walking strangely because he only had one tennis shoe on.
The local authorities, principally Prosecutor Mr. Mos , was acting very hostile towards this witness, and that made the witness hold back the totality of his story to him as to what happened.
Nevertheless, with the American investigators and to his lawyer he gave the complete story, not just the part regarding Joran alone. Parts of the complete story will appear later in the DIARIO.
But, the first aspect of the story of this witness, immediately created suspicion by the Americans. Even though he lives at about 1.9 kilometers from the Fishermen Huts, his declaration can have important implications to complete this big puzzle.
The Americans wanted more assurances and asked the witness to travel to the United States, where one of the most trusted experts in Polygraph Examinations, the famous John S. Swartz, made the test with him, to determine whether this Aruban witness was lying.
He passed all the examinations perfectly, and John S Swartz is convinced that this witness is telling the truth about what he saw at 4 a.m. in front of his house.
Even though Prosecutor Mr. Mos and also the Van Der Sloot family want to or not, this gives a complete turnaround in the whole investigation. Today DIARIO focuses on the first part of the declaration of the witness. What is being published today is what the local authority (e.o. Prosecutor Mos) know from him, since they have his signed declaration.
But the next publication which will appear in the DIARIO, will reveal more than the authorities in Aruba know. This is something that the local witness did not dare tell the local detectives nor to the prosecution that received him in the beginning. He was too afraid to do so. But, to the Americans he did give his complete declaration, and he passed a Lie-Detector test in the United States to prove that he was telling the truth.
First part of the new revelations by the witness
ORANJESTAD(AAN) A new witness who has proven to be speaking the truth, is bringing the long-awaited clarity in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway in May 2005 in Aruba. At last, after studying the new revelations of the witness during the last few months, now DIARIO has gotten the results back from the U.S. about the first part of his declaration.
DIARIO again wants to put emphasis on the fact that Prosecutor Mos has knowledge of this part, but doesn’t know what he did with it. The second part which will appear soon in the DIARIO contains information that the Prosecution of Aruba has no knowledge of at this point, simply because every time the witness gave his declaration he was pushed into a corner of fear for reprisals.
This witness, a man born in Aruba, went to the United States where he took and passed a polygraph test successfully.
It was on the night of the 30th of May 2005 that he was asleep in his room at his house, when he was awoken by the sound of numerous dogs barking out of control and in very menacing tones.
The witness opened his eyes, looked at the watch and saw that it was 4:05 in the morning.
Listening to the direction from which the sounds of the dogs were coming, he went to the living room of his house and observed what the dogs were barking at with such urgency.
Under a street lamp he saw a person walking in the direction of his house. He was coming from the sports field of Nacional, near the Dam of Monserat, going in the direction of the hotels. The person on foot passed under the following street lamp and the witness saw the person very well and clearly. He was a notably tall, thin, masculine, white skin, short dark hair, a relatively young man who looked like a Dutchman.
He also saw the form (profile) of his head and one side of his face.
The clothes he had on was a red tee shirt and long clear colored pants .
Remarcable was that this person was walking with a limp, and here is where the witness saw that he lacked one tennis shoe. He calculated that from the way he was walking, he was missing the tennis shoes of his right foot.
Another thing that he noticed was that the person was breathing heavily, as if he had been running for quite a while. His chest was heaving up and down rapidly.
The witness continued to declare (and proved with his test that he was telling the truth) that the man he saw had on wet clothes, and had a notable stripe of muddy waters that reached to his chest, about 5 centimeters more or less over his flannel.
The stripe on his flannel showed clearly that from the muddy waters going down his clothes were completely wet.
At first the witness thought that this person had beenin a fight and ran away so as not to receive any more blows. The side of his face that the witness noticed, however, did not show any signs of blood or blows. But, due to the fact that the person did not once look over his shoulder to check if anyone was following him, and continued to walk with his head down and, with accelerated v elocity, the witness thought that he was involved in something else and not in a fight.
The person continued to walk in front of his house until he lost him from sight, and in no instance did the man look up or back, and continued to walk in the direction of the hotels.
All this happened in about 1 minute.
After he lost the person from sight, the witness sat in his living room for about 15 to 20 minutes before he went back to sleep.
(DIARIO COMMENT: Here something else happened, that the witness did not reveal to the local authorities, but well to the American investiga tors. In our next publication DIARIO will reveal what else the witness saw that eventful morning. The Polygraph test he took proved that here too he was telling the truth!)
The witness woke up and went to his work at about 11: a.m. Then the news about Natalee’s disappearance was on the radio and he found out that there was a tourst teenager who did not make it back to her hotel. He immediately remembered what he saw a few hours earlier
After the news became bigger, and they began to arrest the wrong persons, the witness felt discouraged to come forward, and after he saw that the young man Joran van der Sloot in the news, he recognized him immediately as the person he saw walking past his home.
After he found out that the father of the man was a lawyer and studying to become a judge, and that he was an intimate friend of a high ranking police officer, he felt totally discouraged to come forward with what he saw.
On top of that, knowing that the Aruban judicial system is totally in the hands of the Dutch, he forced himself to keep quiet. This lasted for over 2 years, until the end of 2007, when he felt he had to tell about what he saw, and so he came forward slowly, to explain what he saw in front of his house, which is situated at about 500 meters from the Dam of Monserat at Noord
He also got himself a lawyer, because the case was so big and he needed advice.
In the meantime, the Americans, with police permission, made a sonar test of the Dam of Monserat in the beginning of this year, when the level of the water was low. DIARIO has found out that this test discovered 15 objects of interest and that they could define only 3 of them.
IN another article, DIARIO will show how Prosecutor Mos paid little attention to this witness and on the contrary, tried to discredit him. This makes you wonder: Is it true that they want to protect van der Sloot cost what it may?

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  1. The Natalie Holloway case really hits close to home. I live in Georgia but I’m right at the Alabama line. I feel that Jordan should have been thrown in jail a long time ago. I feel that this kid is able to walk free because he comes from money and his father holds a high position. I hope that Mrs. Holloway continue to tell her daughter story until the people who’s responsible are put in jail.

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