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October 7th, 2008 – I have an update on the main page. There have been three arrests in the murder of Erin Maxwell. Update is here.

Updated Tuesday September 23rd 8:22AM
New York Lawmakers are trying to get a new state law in her name to help protect children. I’m not able to watch the newscast down here and haven’t found it yet so I don’t know what all Erin’s Law entails but will post it once I find out.
The caseworkers assigned to Erin Maxwell in 2006 claim that the house was not as bad as it was when she was murdered, yet the woman who reported it to them, Jackie Siver, says it was.
One thing that concerns me is the fact that DSS felt that she was receiving adequate care and attention. One meal a day? Even people in jail get two meals a day. What the fuck is wrong with this picture?

Updated Wednesday September 17th 2008 9:27PM – They are stopping short of calling anyone suspects but the State Police and Oswego County DA’s Office are saying that Lindsey Maxwell, Lynn Maxwell and Alan Jones are considered persons of interest in the case. I guess that’s the politically correct way in this day and age of political correctness on every street corner of calling someone a suspect. Used to be that if you were being investigated and might be involved you were a suspect. I guess Richard Jewell(sp?) changed all that.
There is absolutely no news whatsoever in this case right now and while I have heard different rumors and stuff via email there’s nothing I’m willing to post about here, at least right now mainly out of respect to the folks I have been emailing. The police are keeping this one pretty close to the vest and as I mentioned prior to this I think they are just waiting on whatever DNA tests they have done, which I would assume will include semen and blood. This is a horrible horrible case and I hope that there is some closure to this one soon for Erin as well as her family around the country.

Updated Monday September 15th 2008 – I read this article last night and wanted to make sure I put in a link to the story at WSYR TV in Syracuse. Apparently Erin came to visit the Sivers and their daughter, who was a classmate of Erin’s a couple of years ago. The girls mother called the department of social services due to the conditions of the house and the piles of garbage and used cat litter (apparently there was cat litter there at some point then…). Anyway DSS told her that the living conditions met it’s minimum standards. One meal a day, shelter and medical care. Hmmm, sounds worse than jail. You get two meals there.
There is a fine line here that should be drawn somewhere between abuse and neglect and ‘lifestyle choices’. I for one hate government intrusion and think that for the most part they need to stay out our lives. I know people who don’t keep the cleanest house and still provide a loving environment. When we would visit my wife would want to clean the house 🙂 How dirty is too dirty and when should we interfere? That’s a hard decision to make and unfortunately for Erin Maxwell the Department of Social Services chose to err on the side of the Constitution. They do get calls from people just trying to start trouble as well. Compare it to the fact that Texas yanked all of the kids at the FLDS ranch out unconsitutionally. Yes, the ones that were being sexually abused needed to come out and their parents/husbands jailed but ALL of them? Hell no. It sounds like in this case there were multiple calls though and that should have triggered something.

I’ve written a couple of posts about the Erin Maxwell story over the last week. It seems that some folks are really polarized on this little girl’s death which police are treating as a homicide, so I figured it was time for an update.
If police have gotten anywhere in the investigation they aren’t releasing any information yet but as it goes with stuff like this plenty of people are prepared to share what they know. I just came across an update to the story at police in Syracuse are now saying (to her family out west, not to reporters) that Erin Maxwell was raped and strangled. I typed everything else below earlier this evening prior to this latest update but I am leaving it there and probably won’t update the story any more tonight. It’s just so sad and as I am writing this I am a bit teary eyed, which is pretty hard to do for a cold bastard like myself.
While they (law enforcement) aren’t willing to share what evidence they have to support the fact that they feel it’s a homicide they have been more than willing to share facts about the place where Erin lived. I’ve already posted about the number of animals in and around the house but one thing I haven’t mentioned is that they were keeping kittens in the freezer. The Maxwells say that they were stillborn and just haven’t had time to bury them. It doesn’t really figure in to the case as evidence but it certainly adds to the picture.
Basically Erin, 11, was at home with her step-brother Alan Jones, 27. He’s the dude that I mentioned worked at the Ren Fest. Apparently he really enjoyed it because there were at least 20 swords hanging on the walls. Maybe they had to use them to cut through the cat shit to get out? I don’t know. I like swords too and would probably hang them on my walls if I had the money for them but I tend to use it to buy stuff like cleaning supplies and cat litter. Anyhow, Jones apparently found Erin slumped against a bed and called 911. The father thinks it might have been an accident and said that he doesn’t think the step-son could have done it.
The Maxwells had also not been getting rid of their garbage, stacking it on the front porch instead. Seems pretty unsanitary but certainly not as much as the three foot high pile of cat shit in the living room.
The folks around Palermo are worried. The police are telling them that there is nothing to worry about. and that the killer is not a stranger. That’s supposed to make them feel safe? WTF? If it’s not a stranger then it’s someone they know, which makes it even worse.
Their house was declared unfit for occupancy this past Tuesday by the Codes Enforcement Officer in town. When he visited the house he wrote “evidence of very unsanitary conditions, unsafe indoor air quality, excessive animal feces, lack of proper ventilation, excessive filth and possible contamination; infestation of possible vermin.”
In the last two posts I wrote I mentioned that Alan had been seen in the yard in costume and a commenter suggested (and a family member confirmed) that he worked at the Ren Fest. According to The Syracuse Post-Standard the neighbors say that they’ve seen Lindsey Maxwell, the father, dressed in a black cape and feathered hat brandishing a sword in the front yard. Hell, I don’t even find that strange in itself. There are plenty of folks that dress up and act and are in all kinds of things. You can’t be into sci-fi/fantasy without seeing a lot of that. The problem you run into is when that crap interferes with real life and stuff like cleaning the house, working a job, paying bills. If you are going to declare bankruptcy like the Maxwells did last year, perhaps it’s time to hang up the sword and get a fucking job.

Palermo, New York (WSYR-TV) – Eleven-year-old Erin Maxwell was found seriously injured inside her home late last month — and later died at University Hospital.
State police labeled it a homicide. And now, troopers have announced a press conference will be held Friday about the investigation.
Meanwhile, Erin’s father, Lindsey Maxwell, says he simply doesn’t know what happened to his daughter, and he is still looking for answers.
Lindsey tells us Erin was playing in her room that night. No one was home except for her stepbrother, Alan Jones.
Her father had gone on a trip to the store, and when he was there he got a call from Alan.
“He told us he wanted to give her dinner, and she was just kind of slumped up against the bed, he called 911 and things just went from there, Lindsey says.
He wasn’t allowed to go in to the house that night; he went straight to the hospital, and back to the home the next day, after Erin had passed.

Regardless of what happened I can only imagine what Lindsey Maxwell must be feeling. His little girl is dead and that has to be a crushing experience. Losing a child is not an easy thing to do for anyone. The other side of that is that it is our responsibility, MY responsibility, as a parent, to give my children a healthy nurturing environment to grow in. We teach them morals, discipline, how to take care of themselves and if we fail to do so then we are failing them. I think that’s why I wanted to write about this story as well as other ones. The whos and whys of these people that are killing children are neither here nor there, it’s just the fact that something is seriously wrong. Is it happening more or are we just hearing about it more? I’m just sort of rambling tonight. The kids are asleep and hopefully I will be shortly as well.
Updated Saturday, September 13th, 5:44 AM – I don’t know for sure since the police are keeping this so close to their chest but I am going to assume that they did a rape kit during the autopsy and have taken DNA samples from family members. I read in the comments somewhere that Alan Jones had finally been named a “person of interest” in the case yesterday but I can’t find confirmation of it yet. “Person of Interest” seems to be the newest buzz phrase over the last couple of years rather than “suspect”. I think after having several innocent folks basically get their lives ruined because they were called suspects law enforcement though a nice sounding phrase would take care of things.
The case seems to be moving slowly but I figure they are most likely just waiting on DNA results and will most likely make an arrest at some point during the next week. It wouldn’t surprise me if it happened over the next three days or so. I don’t know what kind of a backlog they have on DNA testing but with a case like this they may bump it to the top.

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  3. Has anyone said anything about where Erins mom was in all this, Is she still aorund, was she notified? This whole thng just makes me sick to my stomach. I honestly think there should be new guideline for DSS. Because the ones we have in place right now are not working

  4. As far as I know she is in Nevada and I honestly don’t know the reason why Erin wasn’t with her or someone else in the family and I haven’t pried into that matter either. Some of the family members were kind enough to comment here and email me early in the investigation and I’ve tried to leave them alone in their grief.
    They have arrested Lynn and Lindsey Maxwell for child endangerment and Alan Jones has been arrested and charged with 2nd-degree murder. w00t! I’ve updated it here.

  5. It is completely understandable of why not to pry.. Again Woot!!! on the arrest. God Bless Little Erin and may she be safe now in Gods Hand… Thank you also Richard for all the post 🙂

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