Wendy Brown Thought it Was 1990

wendybrown.jpgOnce you turn 30 it’s pretty normal to wish for the ‘free’ days of being a teenager. I hit mine at around 25 and did all sorts of stupid shit, luckily nothing that got me locked up…for long 🙂
The thing is, those long lost days of glory and freedom weren’t so glorious and free after all. I remember my teen years with a fondness for all of the fun that I had but I damn sure wouldn’t trade them or go back in time, which brings me to an article I read in the AJC today.
Wendy Brown of Green Bay Winsconsin apparently felt a bit more strongly about her teen years than most of us. She alledgedly stole her 15-year-old daughter’s ID, enroleld in and attended high school and joined the cheerleading squad. Oh, by the way, Wendy is 33 years old. Bwahaha.
The criminal complaint that has been filed against her is a felony identity theft charge. Wendy Brown wanted to get her high school diploma and become a cheerleader. She wanted to get ‘back’ a part of her life that she had missed. She went to cheerleading practice, went to school (on the first day of classes) and even went to a pool party at the cheerleading coach’s house. (snicker). The $134 check she wrote to the coach for her uniform also bounced.
The complaint also said that Brown had a history of identity theft crimes.

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