Caylee Anthony: Week Nine

caylee_grin.jpgUpdated 10/14/08 – Casey Anthony has been indicted by a grand jury on seven counts including 1st Degree Murder and is in police custody. More info here.
Updated Wednesday September 17th 9:38 PM – Just minor updates in the freakshow today.
Apparently George Anthony may not have been having a great day today as he went outside and accused the media of paying the protesters to gather there :p Holy cow. Talk about the deep end. The protesters only seem to be there when Casey is and for the most part they are all morons to hang out anyway. Some of them seem to be trying to pressure the family into doing something, some of them seem to support the family and the rest just want to get their fifteen minutes of fame on television and if it means dragging your kids out there and starting a fight with Cindy or George Anthony they seem more than willing to do so. Guess it’s better than fighting with Bubba back at the old trailer.
Speaking of trailer trash, the department of Children and Families has been receiving complaints about the folks bringing their children out to the Anthony’s house and are keeping their eyes open and are warning parents that they will investigate any parent that brings their child to the protest.
Of course as the article states some of the parents are claiming that they just want to teach their kids about the first amendment. OK, so here’s the first amendment;

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Now if they were peaceably assembling I could see that but there is also some shit in the constitution about preserving life, liberty and property and I’ll bet any lawyer worth his salt could make a case about these troublemakers depriving the Anthonys of their Liberty. While I am a firm believer in the constitution and the bill of rights you don’t get to exercise your rights at the expense of others. The right to petition and assembly has to do with being able to petition the federal government and assembly has to do with being able to “assemble for the purpose of petitioning Congress”. It has dogshit to do with being able to protest outside of someone’s private fucking residence on a street. I would bet that the head of my cock knows more about the right to assembly than these folks that want to “teach their kids about the first amendment”
Enough of that soapbox tonight. After the crap with the Federal Government bailing out AIG I am tired of any kind of government interference and people that think they know what the bill of rights is all the while giving my fucking rights away to the government.
I may post more before I hit the sack. Today was a 16 hour day and I am pretty beat. Tomorrow looks to be just as long.

Updated Tuesday September 16th 7:45PM – I’ve got a few minutes before I put the little one to bed so it’s time for an update 🙂
Judge Reginald Whitehead denied the homeowners injunction to make the protesters move a few hundred feet. He said that it didn’t meet the requirement that they give the protesters three days notice, so the homeowners association is going to be out this evening handing out fliers and the homeowners are going to try again.
Casey was released from jail today and left with Jose Baez and a couple of bodyguards. Trailing them were news helicopters ala OJ Simpson. Jeez. Just need to get Jerry Springer in on the action along with that dude that holds people back, occasionally letting them go so they can get in a couple of licks. He did have a couple of things to say to the media prior to Casey being released:

“We all know they knew of these charges,” he said. “And I think we are seeing the games that are being played. The news for you guys is I’m not intimidated – not in any way, shape or form.”
He criticized the way law enforcement officials have leaked information, such as air samples that show a decomposing body was in Anthony’s car trunk along with traces of chloroform. He has not had a chance to examine these findings.
“You just can’t believe every leak you hear,” he said. “It’s not evidence until it comes in court.”

Updated Tuesday September 16th 9:00AM – Michael Lowe wants to know if Casey Anthony can get a fair trial and he brings up some very good points such as the fact that our rights are only as safe as her’s are, and that’s so very true. All of us including me to a very large extent have already convicted her. I do think she’s guilty of something, has certainly lied to law enforcement among other people but until she’s actually accused, tried and convicted of anything to do with her daughter Caylee Anthony she is considered innocent. That’s one of the reasons I’ve been ranting for weeks about the protesters outside of their house.
Let’s suspend belief for a few minutes and play ‘what if’.
What if Casey Anthony is telling the truth and Caylee has been kidnapped and is still alive? Yeah, doesn’t seem very likely but that’s why we are playing ‘what if’. Lots of folks will be backtracking at that point and saying ‘oh, we were just repeating the news’ and pointing fingers at each other. Not that I think it’s a very likely situation but if that little girl were still alive I would be ecstatic. That’s what this was all about, right? You know, Caylee.
Like everyone else I have my own pet theory. I think that Caylee died, most likely accidentally and Casey flipped out and made mistakes. The family has made mistakes, they have all lied and it’s obvious from what she’s been charged with that at the very least Casey is guilty of several felonies as well.
I guess like everyone else we just have to wait and see. I do think she can get a fair trial though believe it or not. They may have to change to a different venue first though.

Updated Tuesday September 16th 2008 – I won’t be able to post most of the day but I did want to throw out a link. According to a post over at Websleuths, Tricia (the owner) spoke with Cindy Anthony and the Anthonys plan on taking on free speech on the Internet regarding stuff that’s said about the case. That should prove to be interesting. There have been a lot of negative things said about the Anthonys, heck even here although I generally try to be at least civil. I think that perhaps they will be biting off a bit more than they can chew on that one though.
Oh, by the way, anyone interested in watching Casey Anthony’s bond hearing today it will most likely be broadcast here.

Updated Tuesday September 16th 2008 – Casey Anthony will most likely be going home again today. She has a court appearance for the three new charges which include petty theft and forgery. The normal bail for that stuff in Orange County is $1500 but the judge has a bit of discretion in setting bail. That’s a total of 13 charges now not including the original ones of child endangerment and lying to authorities.
One thing I found really interesting is the fact that when Casey turned herself in yesterday she was wearing a Caylee T-Shirt and a rosary. Is she somehow now finding religion or has she merely been reading the criminal profiler’s stuff that David Lohr posted at the Criminal Report Daily and fucking with everyone? I tend to think the latter is the case.
Also coming out is the fact that at least two other Orange County police officers have stepped forward to claim they slept with Casey. The Orange County isn’t commenting on this yet.
I mentioned yesterday that Detective Yuri Melich is flying out to California to see Leonard Padilla, who as we know never really stopped working on the case. According to Local6 detectives are flying out today. What he seemed to do was to step back from the family and let them duke it out in California so he could actually work. I didn’t watch it but apparently he alluded to a Marine that Casey dated that is stationed out in California. I do seem to remember early on in the case that she had planned on going to California to visit him. I wonder if this dude is stationed with my son. Certainly worth checking in to. Several bases out there though so it’s unlikely.
Now that I have looked back through the documentation it is Twentynine Palms (where my son is). They’ve already spoken to a Marine out there, I am assuming it’s the same guy, Mark something or other, Hawkins, that’s it.
Here is the portion of the transcript from the Nancy Grace show last night where she speaks with Leonard Padilla. I’ve cut out everything else, you can go over and read the whole thing if you want:

To Leonard Padilla, California bounty hunter that first got Casey Anthony out from behind bars before coming off of that bond. When you were in the home after she was first released from behind bars, is that the way she answers everything, just goes round and round and round and none of it makes any sense?
LEONARD PADILLA, BOUNTY HUNTER: Absolutely. She just — you know, that`s her story and she sticks to it. And you can`t — you can`t budge her off of it. I mean, you`ve seen better than two hours of law enforcement interrogation. They did a great job.
GRACE: Well, did you hear that part where they`re actually over at Universal Studios?
PADILLA: That`s correct.
GRACE: And — and she`s led them all the way over there. They go through security. They go all the way up to where she says she works, and then she comes up with some lame story that, well, the reason she really went there is because she thought maybe security people would have seen Caylee. But whoops, she forgot to mention that while she was there with security.
PADILLA: And she also said that people that she had discussed Caylee being missing was Juliet Lewis (ph) and Jeffrey Hopkins (ph) and those folks. Jeffrey is a friend of the family and Juliet`s is a movie star in “Natural Born Killers,” and she just takes a little truth and she builds around it and she runs you around in a circle.
GRACE: Out to Leonard Padilla, bounty hunter from California who first helped Casey Anthony get out behind bars, then came off that bond, the sound we just played a few moments ago where police confronted her about pointing to an apartment and being able to say, well, she also lived there. It`s an old folks` home.
And my question is, even if there really is a Zenaida Gonzalez, which there`s not, that she left the baby with, if that were true, why would she tell police the wrong address for the woman?
LEONARD PADILLA, BOUNTY HUNTER, HELPED PUT CASEY ANTHONY BACK IN JAIL: Well, the — reason she took them and told them about Apartment 210 is because she has friends that live at 218. There`s also another thing that`s very interesting. That just came up here in the last week.
There is a William Waters that works at a restaurant down the street from where her boyfriend Anthony lives, and somebody linked Zenaida Gonzalez, who was the one that filled out the application at the Saw Grass Apartments.
GRACE: Saw Gras Apartments.
PADILLA: They linked her through a Laura Rose, trying to make it look like she had communication with Lee and Casey through William Waters. I don`t know exactly what that means, and I don`t know if law enforcement has checked that out. But, obviously, it was a ruse to see…
GRACE: Leonard, you have been in the home. I believe that Cindy and George are getting these tips. Are they?
Back to bounty hunter Leonard Padilla. Leonard, I told you that I believe the Anthonys were getting tipped and you said no, they`re not?
PADILLA: I don`t think they are getting any tips. If they were, they would be forwarding them to law enforcement immediately. When I talked to them when I was originally there, there was a couple of tips that we ourselves followed up and law enforcement had followed them up and then proved to be fruitless.
GRACE: So what`s all this about Mexico and Puerto Rico and Texas?
PADILLA: The thing about is that — it`s wishing beyond reality by Cindy. It`s a distraction right now to law enforcement. George and Cindy know the truth. Lee has no doubt told Cindy the truth that has been relayed to him by Casey. So it`s a — it`s a total distraction. They`ve lost a granddaughter. Now they`re hoping against hope.
GRACE: Why so you so convinced they know the truth?
PADILLA: Their attitude took a complete change after the University of Tennessee and the DNA results came out. Their whole attitude changed and went into a defensive posture for Casey.
Prior to that, it had been a situation where they were willing to see if Casey would talk to somebody, do something. After that, it became totally defensive on behalf of Casey. There`s other things.
Let me explain something to you. There`s also an individual that on the evening of the 26th, Casey had several conversations with him. A fellow by the name of Mark Hawkins, a Marine stationed at 29 Palms.
It would be very interesting for him to talk to somebody about those conversations he had with Casey the night before her car was found at 7:00 a.m. at that check-cashing place.
GRACE: You know what? You`re right. And we have no reason to believe cops haven`t spoken to him. Do you?
PADILLA: I don`t know if they have or if they haven`t. But it would be very interesting to see what a Marine would have to say, because if there is anybody that she trusted to tell the truth to about what happened to her daughter, it would be Mark Hawkins.
GRACE: I don`t see her telling anybody.

Updated Monday September 15th 2008 7:58PM I think I mentioned in the last post or one shortly before it that one of the protesters children had been injured during the altercation between a woman and Cindy Anthony. Someone apparently had the brains to call the Department of Children and Families and ask why someone would take their child to a hate-fest and then continue to scream obscenities at someone while their child writhed in pain on the ground.
Now DCF, which has the license plate of their SUV, has identified the family and investigating them. Hopefully someone will slap the shit out of the woman during the course of the investigation.
I have also heard the rumor, now confirmed, that Detective Yuri Melich will be flying to California to meet with the Padillas. Witness Statements? Heck if I know.

Updated Monday September 15th 2008 5:16PM Jose Baez’s law firm sent a press release to the Orlando Sentinel via fax; the contents are below. Also, the judge that’s looking at the homeowner’s request to block some of the protesting that is going on in their neighborhood will not rule today and according to the paper it’s not clear if they will rule on it or not.
The homeowners are asking that the protesters gather at a vacant lot at the end of Hopespring and Suburban Drives, which is about 500 feet from the Anthony’s home. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has gotten more than 20 calls about fights, verbal altercations, trespassing and other disturbances since the protesters started gathering outside of the home.
The Press Release:

IT IS ANOTHER LIE for media to report that any rearrest of Casey Anthony is “Breaking News” or “Bombshell News” whatsoever
It is like addicts going through withdrawl [sic]. When things start calming down a little, the authorities inject another media fix, rather than conducting themselves professionally and taking care of whatever charges they have at the same time
The Baez Law Firm has been prepared for rearrests, and thanks officials for cooperating with allowing Ms. Anthony the opportunity to surrender herself, accompanied by high profile defense attorney, Jose Baez, while bail is being posted promptly.

Updated Monday September 15th 2:30PM – Casey Anthony turned herself in to Orange County deputies this afternoon and she has been arrested for yet a third time, this time it was on more check fraud charges. Bwahaha. They’ve been reporting that more charges were forthcoming so this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.
Local6.Com will have updates later. The Orlando Sentinel also reported it about a half an hour ago and they are saying that authorities aren’t releasing any details of the arrest but I have heard from several credible sources that it is about the checks. We’ll see I guess.

We are going on nine weeks since Caylee Anthony was reported missing (although Monday marks three months since she’s been missing). Throughout this case there has been a veritable freak show of characters, some good and some creepy, and a wealth of information that means absolutely shit.
This is pretty much just a rambling post with various links and stuff I’ve read this week. I will update it through the week and if nothing is shaking and moving will create a new one next week.
Over the last week or so several different things have come to light. The biggest recent news is that the Orange County Sheriff’s Department has released the recorded interviews of Casey Anthony discussing the disappearance of Caylee Anthony. They are below.
Sheriff’s deputies had to respond to some type of altercation on Saturday night between Cindy Anthony and the crowd of protesters outside of her house, which keeps growing. The deputies resolved the problem pretty quickly and no charges were filed on either side. From what I have read Cindy Anthony was trying to put back up the no trespassing signs that protesters had torn down and the protesters came onto the property screaming and cursing at her. It may actually be two different incidents that I am reading about. I don’t know as I’ve been pretty busy with work this week. I did just watch this video of Cindy Anthony and the protester going at it in her driveway last night. Dayum. They protesters are making a mess, people are cursing each other as the family comes and goes, Lee Anthony came pretty close to running over a family in the way of the driveway a couple of days ago and of course the cameras were running at the time. I guess maybe if I were them I would be standing somewhere other than the driveway…
Interview Part 1

Interview Part 2

The other thing that really disturbs me about the protesters is that a lot of them seem to be taking their children. We’ve all seen the picture of the toddler walking around carrying the sign. I don’t remember exactly what it said but something about killing babies. Revolting. What kind of mother would have their toddler out there with a sign like that. It’s despicable. It would be one thing if the child were at least old enough to understand what was going on…One of the children of a protester hurt his arm in a car door as they were leaving. Of course that’s big enough news that Channel 13 posted it (but then again I am regurgitating it here as well…)

The strain of the current situation will wear on those around her and pressure her [Casey Anthony] to explain her behavior. Because she cannot explain her lies, she will blame everyone else. She will want to flee. She may even reach for religion as a means to cope, and depression is likely to follow. Then police will be able to talk with her to find out what she really knows. Detectives will be able to get information from her. The key for officers is to know her patterns and approach her the right way. If they key in on her personality, they will be able to get her to tell what really happened.

  • Criminal profiler, Dr. Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, President of the Violent Crimes Institute, LLC, in an interview with the Criminal Report Daily
    Things do seem to be unraveling as time goes by. The only problem is that it’s the rest of the family having outbursts right now, rather than Casey…
    Casey did enter a plea of not guilty today for the 10 charges officially filed against her by the state including felony check fraud charges. She waived the right to have an arraignment on the charges and Jose Baez filed a discovery motion, which means he wants to see the evidence that the state plans to use in their prosecution of the case. Also, a judge will most likely decide this week on whether or not to limit protests to a certain time of day among other things.
    One of Casey’s ex-lovers, Ricardo, granted The Globe an interview which you can find online here. No really new information for anyone that’s been following the case closely. Some new pictures and rehashing of things. Ricardo says that he feels that Caylee’s death was an accident and that Casey didn’t mean to kill her. That is pretty much where my thoughts were right up until the police announced that they found traces of chloroform in the car. Now I don’t know.
    I also came across this little tidbit at Websleuths as well as the Dreamin’ Demon:

My sister Terri was married to George Anthony during the mid to late 70’s. They dated all through high school and married for about 5 years, of not so wonderful wedding bliss.
She can tell you that George Anthony was an habitual liar. He had to always fabricate his stories, constantly lying, that was the main reason they divorced.
George’s father Lee, owned and operated a very successful used car dealership for many years in Niles, Ohio called Anthony’s Auto Sales, before retiring in Florida. Wonder were George learned to lie so well.
He was born in to it, literally.
As they say,”Like father, like daughter.”
Give my sister a call and she’ll enlighten you of George Anthony’s dark, deceitful side that he evidently passed on to his daughter

Interesting, no? I’m going to leave it alone for now as it’s information just taken off of Topix and quite possibly could just be someone running their mouth and don’t know what they are talking about. Then again…The link to Websleuths has a discussion that’s currently going on.
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11 throughts on "Caylee Anthony: Week Nine"

  1. I think that casey has been telling us all aong where Caylee is. She mentioned Jay Blanchard park from day one in the police interview. She said that Caylee loved running around the lake. Pathological liars are always several steps ahead. They just don’t mention something for no reason, example: she told the police that she was looking for Caylee in Fusion nightclub very early on. She was obviously providing an excuse for being there because she knew she was seen and photographed. The “bounty hunter” “claimed that Casey told another whopper about being jumped at the same park and Caylee being snatched there. Why would she place herself there if she wasn’t thinking ahead for some reason. Maybe she thinks someone saw her or maybe she is afraid that they are getting close to finding Caylee. Her story became more violent and more urgent than previous versions. There must be a reason. She told her family over the phone that police were not listening to her, maybe there is something to that. Maybe if this was somewhere that Caylee liked or somewhere they had spent time together, this is a way of having less guilt over leaving her there. It is like an excuse for the location. Speaking of excuses: I found it interesting that in the interviwes she starts to make excuses for herself like “I,m reaching,” or “I’m reverting back to familar places.” This sounds to me like child-like excuses such as the ones her mother has probably been making for her her entire life. This is obviously the way she has been talked to.
    I am desperate for closure in this case. I can not stand the thought of that poor angel rotting somewhere alone.
    If Casey is reading this, the world sees right through you. Not one person will ever believe you again. You will have no joy in the rest of your life either way. No sane man could ever possibly love you after this. No one will ever hire you for a job, trust you around their children or let you into their homes. You are most likely going to jail for a long time either way. Everyone is suffering because you don’t have what it takes to tell us all what you did or where she is. Just get it over with you weak, weak person.

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    Sen. Barack Obama (video) continues to deny the surge has worked, even though most Americans recognize the FACT that it has. This is why Vets For Freedom is asking for our help to get our elected officials on the record. We deserve to know how they w…

  3. I believe the parents know that their daughter killed that little precious girl. I also believe Cindy & her husband helped Casey in this horrific ploy.
    I have never seen so much crap over what the DOC and investigators are letting this inhuman Casey get away with. Throw her in solitary for a while and I’ll bet she will start talking!!!!!!!!!
    This is so horrific I can’t stand it.
    Cindy and George look like criminal liars just as Casey does.
    Why couldn’t she just have given her up for adoption?
    We are going to find out that Casey killed her daughter to spite her parents and they should all be put in a cell with Pit Bulls.

  4. Possible amazing find!
    Someone from another site stumbled upon the most incredible thing I’ve seen in awhile.
    Check out this profile.
    This has not been logged in to since BEFORE this case went public, this is not a hoax.
    It was found on MS under the name KASEY – the profile name is 6.17.08 – look at the profile photo.
    This could really be something.

  5. I suppose it could be her although the girl looks a bit younger than Casey. There is a bit of a resemblance though. I do see that you’ve posted this on several different sites overnight. I have tried to add them as a friend but of course since it hasn’t been logged in to since June they aren’t going to add me.
    Casey and family have all been pretty active on the web so I think that if this was her she would have at least logged in once or twice to check things out.
    Hopefully Law Enforcement have seen this by now and subpoenaed anything to do with it. MySpace could tell them if it is from Florida at the very least.

  6. BTW
    yeah i remembered that marine guy because remember casey called him when Caylee went missing?? he had said she hadnt spoken to him in i believe a few yrs and she called right out of the blue!!and said she had something important to talk to him about and she had told her parents and they were ok with it but she didn’t know how he would take it??
    I wondered why he was never mentioned again!
    Thats part of the reason i assumed she was “staging a carjacking”
    and she would go there where he is!!

  7. Lord have mercy on my soul,I have lived 45 yrs on this earth and dreamed and seen and done alot i guess,but today beats all ive ever seen or heard in my entire life…………casey anthony calling the cops about protestors and she tells 911 ” they need to be arrested”……….THEY’ NEED TO BE ARRESTED!!!!!!HOLD UP HERE FOR A SECOND…WHOSE DAMN FAULT IS ALL THIS ANYWAY,she tells them its physical and her mom and dad are outside and spraying hoses while mind you casey sits on the damn phone to complain about a protest but doesnt call the police for 31 days about her own missing child????
    I was all for the protests until they turned violent and involved children,but what the hell gives her the right to say they should be arrested??
    They would leave them alone again if that trash was in jail where she belongs to begin with,what?? she’s entitled to harm her 2 yr old child or murder her.IMO the latter but she caused all this and she calls 911 because grown people are acting stupid?????? and yet again she’s as calm as the first 911 call cindy made and she told them her daughters been missing 31 days……..when the 911 asks who she is she says,”a resident” i thought oboy here we go again,she never said,casey??
    I would almost laugh my frikkin ass off itf it wasn’t so serious to me,

  8. I certainly understand the feelings of the protesters but they are just taking it too far. If they broke the law they deserve to be arrested just the same as her. Obviously they won’t spend the time in jail that she’s going to but they should have thought about their actions prior to acting like that.

  9. I didnt know if you guys had seen this or not,new Caylee videos and cindy is calling her casey…&….case,and did you guys see the Geraldo with jesse grund?
    But anyway thought i’d post this,i am still looking because they said theres more of cindy calling herself mom to Caylee?
    cindy is a crackpot,makes me wonder!
    cindy must have come to terms that Caylee isnt alive,she is now accusing Jesse Grund of killing her and stuffing her in caseys car! so this tells me that she can cope with her death,just not casey being punished for it……….My God, In my opinion now if she really must blame someone other than casey,she’d better look real close!!
    My name is CathyJo63 and i have approved this message……LoL j/k –

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