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I’ve been reading Steve Huff’s blog(s) for a few years now. He is a veteran crime blogger and I tend to gravitate over to wherever he happens to be posting from (it has changed over the years) whenever there is a crime I have been blogging about. Anyway, after I started writing about the Caylee Anthony disappearance I found the Dreamin’ Demon and it has also been a staple in my daily stops. Last night the Dreamin’ Demon posted their podcast with special guest Steve Huff. Sweet!
It’s all about the Caylee Anthony disappearance. Go check it out at this link (the other’s are just to the site’s home pages.

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  1. I also remember reading about Caylee’s disappearance over at Steve Huff’s blog.
    Dreamin’ Demon is news to me, Its also going to become one of my daily haunts starting today!

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