Debra Chapell and James Seevers Weren't The Cleanest Folks

Some people just need to get the fuck off the Internet for a while and clean their house. Debra Chappell and James Seevers from Leesburg Florida were arrested after police found a toddler inside what was described as a house of filth after a call from a concerned neighbor.
I’m not the neatest and most super clean person but living in conditions that are unsanitary is just not cool, particularly when you are forcing a child to live in them as well.
When the Leesburg police arrived at the house they discovered a nasty smell about the place and lots of roaches, some of them crawling on the two-year-old girls sleeping in her crib. The kitchen was full of overflowing trash and dirty dishes (good thing they haven’t seen my sink!) and even the refrigerator was full of dead roaches. A snack for later, no doubt.
The parents were arrested and booked on Child Neglect charges.
There’s a fine line here to be drawn between being messy and being nasty and I am one person that hates most government intrusion, including that of the Department of Family Services. When you have stacks of dirty diapers all over the porch and the roaches crawl on you as you sleep, I think that qualifies as having crossed that line.

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  1. OMG, I thought i was the only one who knew someone like that,OMG
    I use to clean houses and spring clean for people who were just to busy to do it themselves but this one time i had one in jefferson city and when they called i went out to look at it because the mother n law of the girl was the one who called for my help and she did say it wasnt a pretty sight and that her daughter n law was always home with the 2 kids but she didnt care to clean i guess,Well,just let me say i did it but NEVER again,if i hadnt needed the money no way in hell,but i swear you could not see one inch of a clean spot,not 1 inch every now and again? NO,NO NO! Not 1 inch of the entire place,and if you know me i am female and have earned the right to exxagerate if need be and on occasion do……..LoL…BUT IN THIS CASE DO NOT NEED IT!
    I am very orderly and i do a job well and wont stop till Ive accomplished just that! and usually i could clean an entire house in 4 hrs.This house took 10 complete days?? my daughter helped me too,it was only 3 br and 1 bath but OMG i couldve bawled just looking at it and i’m saying if you knocked on the door the cockroaches answered it!……LoL………Not one clean fork,spoon,plate,towel,clean spot in sight anywhere but the laundry wasnt my job so you just tossed it to the basement thru a chute,my daughter and i wouldnt even eat lunch,we’d go get it and sit in the car or whatever we had to do if your stomach could even handle it,by the time we were done we had maybe 50 yard size bags full of trash out of this place,neighbors thought they were moving so i kept waiting to hear the party start in the neighborhood….LoL So on our last day the mother n law shows up just before we leave to pay us and she says,hey if you all need the money i have to get that basement cleaned,would you like to have the job,i thought how can it get any worse,we go down to maybe the middle of the steps which btw is as far as we could go and OMG IN HEAVEN,hell no,hellllllll no,furniture,clothes stacked to almost the ceiling in most of the basememt,dog shit,piss,scraps,dogfood,bags,cans ,you name it, it was all over everything in that basement from top to bottom and wayyyyyyyyyyyy over there on the other end is the washer & dryer??????
    I just turned around,trying so hard not to gag as i am telling her God,there’s no way in hell i’ll touch it, i dont care if im homeless tomorrow,and thats bad but hell noooooooo!!!
    Ya know what gets me is these people sit around feeling all bad and depressed and wont clean,do anything whatsoever,well hell fire id be friggin depressed to living in a dump everyday,no wonder they feel bad,one look at that house and then the basement,tell ya what i’d do,buy a match and a newspaper!!!!!!!!!!! and set sail somewhere!!!!!
    There’s no cause to raise your kids in a damn mess like that,it shows on them,hell they cant be happy,other kids see their houses,its pitiful to me,they oughta be a damn law against it,if youre an adult and you wanna sit in it fine,but eat birth control or stay single!!!
    I myself use to be really bad,i mean lord couldn’t stand one piece of lint or a drawer not closed,ya know picky things that drive a person crazy,”back when my husband was living he always told his buddies if he got up to pee at night i had the bed made and he couldnt go back to bed….LoL & i did drive him and my daughter crazy i’m sure but ive loosened up ALOT…..had to …….and sure i have dirt,but it’s still clean dirt……..LoL

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