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Updated 10/14/08 – Casey Anthony has been indicted by a grand jury on seven counts including 1st Degree Murder and is in police custody. More info here.
Before I get jumped on I am completely aware that little Caylee Anthony has been missing for closer to fourteen or fifteen weeks. It’s been ten weeks since I started following the story back in July and that’s where I get the count in my title.

There has been squat for news in the search for Caylee Anthony. As a matter of fact all of the news in the Anthony case has been created by either the Anthony family or other people that are following the case constantly.

Some of the items that seem to be in the news about Caylee this week include a couple in Tennessee that claim to have seen Caylee Anthony in the company of two women, one of whom looked like her mother, Casey Anthony (her Facebook link). The couple owns a McDonald’s in the Nashville  area and are claiming that surveillance photos from July 10th show a little girl that resembles Caylee. The pictures themselves show a little girl and a fat chick in the McDonald’s in Murfreesboro. They also told police that the woman not shown in the photo resembled Casey Anthony. The problem with that? Court records show that Casey was busy writing a bogus check in an Orlando Bank of America and hour later. She’d have to be pretty fucking fast to have traveled from Tennessee to Orlando in an hour. An FBI spokesman had the following to say:

This tip is in the same group as other Caylee sightings…None is turning out to be the one we’re looking for in terms of her recovery.

The Florida State Attorney’s office is also looking into allegations that funds might have been misused from the web site A couple of people have complained, specifically about the funds sent straight to the Anthony’s house rather than the ones sent to the charity. Exactly how many searches have the Anthony’s actually participated in?

The trust fund that was set up to be used in the search for Caylee has been shut down now. I guess the bank and trustees that had been handling it were tired of receiving threatening emails and phone calls and decided to bail. Bicker and Kelly, the law firm that had been handling it were doing so pro bono and it had become too time consuming. 

Mark NeJame, the lawyer for the Anthony family, blames bloggers for stirring up rumors and problems. “All this has been initiated by anonymous bloggers who have no clue as to what is reaqlly going on”, he said. Perhaps he would like to share with us.

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In addition to all of the other non-news, apparently the Anthony family is now trying to pin this on a former boyfriend, Jesse Grund. Here is his statement from the 400+ pages of documentation:

On 07/16/08 at approx. 0005 hours I received a phone call from a friend, Jeff, who advised me he had recvd a call from an OCSO deputy on Casey Anthony’s phone. I called her number, 4076199286, and spoke w/Sgt Hosey, who advised me that Caylee Anthony was missing, and asked me if I had any information. At the time I didn’t and hung up. 

This morning at 0939 hours, I texted (text messaged) Casey to find out what happened. Casey sent me back a ext message advising me Caylee had been missing for 32 days, and that, in a second text, her nanny took her. 

After recalling recent phone conversations I had w/Casey, I remember at phone conversation I had w/Casey on the weekend of 6/27/08 at which time Casey asked me to come to Fusion Night club to cheer me up. I asked Casey if her mom was watching Caylee, as I knew the two had a falling out. Casey told me that Caylee was with the nanny at the beach for the week or weekend (cannot remember specific) 

After contacting Corp. Melich on the phone I went on Casey’s myspace and facebook pages and found the following: on facebook pages Casey Anthony had deleted upwards of 200+photographs of her, and her w/Caylee. On myspace, she had at one point, over 10 pages of photos of Caylee, now reduced to 4 pages. Casey’s personal hobby is photography and has had upwards of 300+ photos of Caylee posted online, at any given time. 

During my conversation w/Inv. Analyst McBride, I additionally recalled that between the week of 6/22/08-7/6/08, I had two odd contacts from Casey Anthony: In that time period, Casey called me to ask if she could use my shower, since she was not staying w/her parents and Tony (her boyfriend) was out of town. The call occurred at 10 am but unsure of the specific date. I allowed Casey to use the shower, and when she came over, nothing appeared out of the ordinary. On 7/3/08, Casey texted me “if my mom or dad try to call you, don’t answer. I will explain it later, but for right now just stay out of it.” On 7/4/08, I called her to try and get an explanation but she told me, “It was a long story and I will probably call you when I get drunk to tell you.” 

I swear and affirm the above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I will testify.

From the interview I read and watched the other day the guy seems to be pretty forthcoming and obviously you can’t judge anyone from that but he seems like a pretty nice guy.
Here’s the interview that Geraldo had with Jesse Grund.

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