Joseph S. Brown is Allegedlly an Evil Son of a Bitch…

I wanted to hurl when I read this report.

In recorded interviews, Brown gradually admitted to abusing Autumn for weeks before she died: he force fed her with a tube from a breast pump, pushing the tube down the baby’s throat into her midchest area, using a meat marinater injector to shoot baby formula into the tube. When this didn’t improve her appetite, he struck her on the top of the head three times with a closed fist. In a kitchen sink mishap 4 days before she died, Brown said Autumn hit the front of her head on the sink, and that he suspected she had a cracked skull because he felt something moving around beneath her scalp. The bruises on Autumn’s neck may have been caused by Brown cutting off the baby’s air flow by putting his finger on her throat. He knew he was cutting off her air because her lips would quiver and she would gasp for air. He would do this for 10 seconds at a time; admitted to doing this 10-15 times since Autumn was born, and said she had passed out twice from being choked. When Autumn’s crying interrupted a movie, Brown slapped the back of her head.

Brown also has a 2 year old son with Autumn’s mother, Nicole Eckert. Sounds like Nicole doubted Brown’s guilt at first but may have changed her mind after reading the affidavit – she became distraught. Brown has no previous criminal record. His bail is set at $50,000 and he is barred from contacting his (surviving) son.


According to the report I read over at the Dreamin’ Demon, Autumn Page Brown died this past Saturday from Blunt Force Trauma to the head. Joseph Brown has been charged with Second-Degree Homicide and First Degree Aggravated Assault. He pled NOT guilty during his arraignment on Monday.
According to the article at the Rutland Herald the charges carry a minimum penalty of 20 years in prison with a mximum of life. The Chief Medical Examiner also found skull contusions and fractures, torso injuries and fractured ribs.
Hopefully Joseph will spend a long time in prison if he’s found guilty of the alleged crimes. Some big old boys going to find his mouth might purty.
I don’t know if he’s out on bail right now but the judge did set it at $50,000.
Update – Just came across this link. Joseph Brown was released on $50,000 cash bail which was posted three days ago. 
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  1. What a manly man – doing that to a baby. That makes me want to puke…what is WRONG with people today…no sense of the miracle of life – or how precious children are – or even how fragile.
    children used to be considered a blessing…now they’re treated like garbage and a burden…found in trash cans, wrapped up in garbage bags – and abused like this…I can hardly imagine someone thinking up the things this man did to his own child…
    How terrible; how sad. This is the kind of person who deserves to die…you can’t heal a sickness like that.

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