Maxwells Release Statement on Erin's Death

October 7th, 2008 – I have an update on the main page. There have been three arrests in the murder of Erin Maxwell. Update is here.

Salvatore Lanza, the attorney representing Lindsey and Lynn Maxwell and Alan Jones held a press conference today which lasted for about half an hour. It was a statement with no questions taken from the press since it’s an ongoing investigation. Also with him were all three of the persons of interest.

The released copies of the death certificate which confirms that Erin Maxwell died of asphyxia and also that they detected sexual trauma. Under a section that calls for a description of how the injury happened it says “assaulted by another”.
Lanza said that the Maxwell’s believe that the ME is in error as to the determination of homicide and that they believe Erin’s death was the result of an accident.
An accident? What’d she do, fall on someone’s dick and then get caught in the green cord as she was getting up?
Lanza also explained that Lynn and Lindsey Maxwell went to the Wal-Mart and told Erin to clean her room while they were gone and for Alan to fix her supper. He goes on to explain that Alan was playing a game on his laptop in the kitchen. He has no criminal history, is well educated (wonder if he’s a Yale man?), and has lived with his mother his entire life. That in itself is freaky to me but being a geek doesn’t make one guilty.


He says that Alan Jones went to Erin’s door to bring her dinner and saw her standing next to her bed. Once he went up to her he saw there was a green cord wrapped around her neck. The cord was attached to a screw at the top of her window frame. Jones removed the cord and called 911, during which time to operator walked him through CPR. Paramedics arrived shortly thereafter.
Jones did submit to a polygraph test as well as provided a DNA sample. Each time he waived his right to an attorney and cooperated with the police. They released him after 12 hours of questioning.
Lanza and the Maxwells are offering some different theories as to how the accident happened including the fact that she liked to jump on the bed and that she may have been play acting. They also say that they don’t know anything about the ‘sexual trauma’. What a politically correct way to say RAPE. Asphyxiation and Sexual Trauma. Strangled and Raped. He also hints that since Erin was in Nevada for a month over the summer perhaps something happened out there. Damn, way to shift the blame on to someone else.
It’s easy for me to cast blame on someone else just because they seem different but I just don’t know. This little press release certainly isn’t enough to get me to change my mind about what happened, but what might is when the police release some evidence showing that someone in the house didn’t kill her.
Lanza is also claiming that State Troopers and SPCA reports of huge piles of cat shit aren’t true and that the house was not as bad as they made it sound. So who’s lying here. This isn’t a simple matter of calling a couple of piles of crap 2-4′ tall. Obviously someone is lying. Why?
The attorney also says that if DSS starts an investigation or brings neglect charges that the family is going to sue them.
I finally found the entire statement, you can read the PDF format here.
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  1. thank you so much for your care and concern of this case i feel that you are so right in many things are one of the only ones responding that isnt blaming anyone but them. you see i am “lindsey”s maternal cousin and grew up with him until the day he moved to new york and for him to allow his attorney (i use that term loosely) to place blame on us here that she spent her summers with is making me utterly sick to my stomach. as the family has steted before if we had known the conditions and what was happening there is no way she would have gone home but she was a very sweet and loving girl who wouldnt tolerate a bad thing being said about anyone, so if we did ask her something or make a comment she would tell us its not nice to say mean things and change the subject. please feel fre to email me if you need further proof of who i am ia m glad to give it and again thank you for your compassion for Erin and the rest of our family (minus the trash we may have to put out if things turn out the way we thinnk they will)

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