Ralph Willis Tripped Over The Dog and Fell On The Baby…


Ralph Willis of Kansas City, Missouri has been arrested and charged with child abuse after the death of a baby. He’s been charged with Assault and Endangering the Welfare of a Child.
Jeez, I don’t even look that freaky when I shave my head. Gives me the creeps.
According to the police Ralph admitted to punching the six-month-old baby twice in the stomach last Friday when the baby wouldn’t stop crying, then he tripped over the dog and fell on the baby. Again, WHAT THE FUCK?
Damian Stewart was found dead with a crushed abdomen. He has told police that he dropped the baby onto a baby carrier and fell on the baby and he also said that when he tripped over the dog he crushed Damian’s testicles with his knee.
Too bad that crushing the testicles is considered cruel and unusual punishment because I can think of someone right now that needs a bit of testicle crushing. What I really don’t get right now is why this douchebag hasn’t been charged with murder.
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