Mark Lee Broke His Probation…And His Son's Leg

Mark Lee

Back in December 2007 Mark Lee called 911 when he found that his one month old son wasn’t breathing. Once EMTs got the child to Connecticut Children’s Hospital they figured out that the kid had seven fractured ribs and a broken leg in addition to being undernourished. When the child was born he had weighed 7.6 pounds but one month later he was down to 6.7

The child was removed from the home and placed in a foster home where he is doing well. The part that really sucks is that eventually Mark and/or his 17-year-old wife may get their child back.

I guess the Winchester police must have finally finished their investigation because back in mid-August (the 17th or 18th) they finally arrested Mark and his wife for child abuse and neglect. When they learned about the warrants they surrendered themselves without incident. He was out on $20,000 bail. When I initially read the story I was wondering about that because Mark’s MySpace page hasn’t been logged into since August 29th. Judging from the page he fancies himself a ladies man.

The winner pictured above is back in jail again on a probation violation. While the press doesn’t say what for it’s a pretty safe assumption to make that getting locked up for breaking a child’s leg would be a violation of anyone’s probation. He’s being held on $100,000 bond. His initial probation was for a ‘youthful offender matter’ so the details aren’t public.

Police also reported that when they were called to the Lee’s apartment they found deplorable conditions.


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  1. Ahhh, so this is the loser whose main identity on his My Space was linked to loving his girlfriend. Apparently so much so that he felt the need to kill their child to have her all to himself.

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