Kevin and Justine Took the Baby to a Drug Deal…


So here’s another brainy couple that decided to take their child along for a drug deal. Look like winners don’t they. Actually the dude isn’t the father but he obviously didn’t care either way.
Kevin Folk and Justine Rabell don’t have jobs. As a matter of fact for the last couple of  months the only income they have had has come either from their families or from selling drugs.
The two not-overly bright teens drove to a Safeway parking lot in Chandler, Arizona and played Let’s Make a Drug Deal with the police listening on. The two agreed to sell 46 ecstasy tablets in exchange for $700, but they would have to bring the drugs back later. According to the The Weekly Vice (link below) they had planned on ripping off the buyer by not coming back with the drugs but other stories I have read say that Rabell did produce the pills during the transaction. Talk about honor among thieves, huh? All the time they were making their deal Rabell’s one-year-old son was in the back seat. Also according to the court documents Rabell lived to far away to take the baby home before the drug deal.
Folk and Rabell have been charged with Suspicion of Child Abuse and various drug offenses. They are bother being held on bail of slightly less than $10,000 but Rabell also had an outstanding charge for shoplifting that’s still pending so her bail is a little higher than his.
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  1. I don’t think these guys are drug dealers but drug users. They can barely stay alert to take the mug shot. It sounds like these guys were trying to get some easy money to go buy some drugs. The game this couple played was so dangerous because their child and they could have been killed for trying to trick someone out of money. Yes, this girl is a bad mother and she needs some help with her drug problem.

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