Boobie Bandits Strike Back…

Olmer Morales, 18, told deputies in Martin County that he was stopped and surrounded by the gang of women as he was riding his bicycle to work.
The alleged bandits took $100 that he had in his back pocket before fleeing, reported Tuesday.
While Morales claimed he had seen at least one of the women in the area before, no arrests have yet been made

Apparently the women were wearing overalls with no shirts or bras. 
Maybe it’s just because I am a cynic but I figure one of two things happened.
1. He spent the $100 and needed an excuse for his girlfriend/mother/landlord/roommate.
2. He didn’t feel like going to work and this gave him a perfect excuse to call in. As am employer for the last 22 years I have heard stories even more unbelievable than this. I shared the story of the woman who called in on me because her chicken died last year along with some other work excuses. This must be her brother.
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  1. The story does sound kind of crazy that a group of half naked women robbed him. It makes me think of the story of the cheating boyfriend. The guy claimed to be kidnapped and knocked unconscious for a weekend. This happen to the guy about two times. I’m suspecting the guy was spending time with his other woman. The girlfriend took the guy back, too.

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