Michelle Allen is Udderly Foolish…


This has got to be the best mug shot in the history of mug shots. I particularly like the udders. They add a certain something to the outfit that you just don’t get to see on that Chik-Fil-A cow. Then again you won’t see the Chik-Fil-A cow chasing children down the street in it’s neighborhood an urinating on it’s neighbor’s porch.
That is exactly what Michelle Allen did. She even had the chance to avoid being arrested. When police were first called the officer told her to go home and not cause any more problems. 
They had to return when they were called later in the evening because she was blocking traffic. The arresting officer claims that she smelled like alcohol, her speech was slurred and she was belligerent along with cussing at the officer. She has been charged with disorderly conduct. She also allegedly told the police that if she were brought to jail she would “cause problems”. What’s she gonna do, pee on the other prisoners? 
In addition to being arrested on Disorderly conduct charges, according to police she has been arrested more than 50 times on charges ranging from theft to prostitution. I wonder is she wears the cow costume when she’s getting drilled in the ass by her johns?
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  1. I heard about this case on Jimmy Kimmel then I start seeing stories pop up around the internet. I know a lot of people have made light of this case but this woman has to have a mental illness. Who puts on a cow suit and chase people around the neighborhood?! I notice that the police smelled alcohol on her breath and she needs to be tested for drugs, too.

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