The Deputy Likes Child Porn


A Washoe County, Nevada sheriff’s deputy that has worked for twelve years in the detention center was arrested and charged back in mid-August with possession of child pornography after his wife installed a keylogger and other spyware on his computer.
She had grown concerned with the amount of time he had been spending on the computer in their bedroom with the door closed and made sure to delete his Internet history in whatever browser he was using.
On August 6th Paul Kistner’s wife contacted a sheriff’s detective that investigates child porn cases and gave him the computer. The police found over 400 images of girls aged 3-9 in various sexual positions. He claims to have gotten them from a free web site and admitted to looking at the stuff for the last year and a half and to masturbating to it on occasion.
He pleased guilty to possessing child pornography back at the beginning of September and is scheduled to appear for sentencing in November when he could get up to 6 six years in prison. 
ugh. Just fucking nasty.
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  1. I would like to see more women like Paul Kistner’s wife take a stand and turn their husband in to the police. This guy is really a sick individual. I really never understood people that work in a respectable position but commit crimes in their spare time. I think laws should really be strict for child predators and this guy needs some psychological help during his prison stay.

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