What Happened to Bianca Nicole Starr?

biancastarr2.jpgI ran across this story yesterday over at True Crime Report and then just came across a link to it at Websleuths and of course I had to throw in my two cents worth.

3-year-old Bianca Starr died this past weekend. 911 was called at 7:40pm Saturday evening and police went to the Ten Oaks Apartments in Herrin, Illinois where they found Bianca, unresponsive, with her mother. She was later pronounced dead at the Herrin Hospital around 8:30pm. It’s not mentioned whether it was the mother or a friend who made the 911 call but State Attorney Charles Garnati did say that there was no evidence of any suspect other than Karrae Starr.
Karrae Starr, Bianca’s mother was taken to the Williamson County jail where she is currently being held on $500,000 bond or $50,000 cash. Monday she was charged with First-Degree Murder in the Williamson County Circuit Court. A preliminary hearing has been set for October 6th and Public Defender Larry Broeking was appointed legal counsel for the defendant.
An autopsy has been performed but no results have been released to the public as of yet.


One of the neighbors who refused to identify herself to reporters said that she had seen Karrae Starr treat the girl poorly and once had to intervene so the child wasn’t harmed. It’s not specified exactly what that means.
Karrae has an online presence like so many other folks these days, as does her mother, ‘Deirdre’  who is 40. Damn, that’s two years younger than I am. Kids having kids. My son will be 20 in January and is off in the Marine Corps. All I can say is that I hope he waits a few years before having children. It’s way too young. I was 22 with him and I can tell the difference in my parenting skills between him and the girls where there is almost a decade between them. 
Deirdre posted this blog on her MySpace page Monday:

My world came crashing down yesterday. My beautiful Grandbaby was killedaccidentally by my daughter who made a very stupid drunken decision. Now not only have I lost her but Karrae too because she is in jail and will probably be there for a very long time.

God how could this have happened? All she had to do was call and someone would have been there to get Bianca. Instead of planning for a visit with her i am planning her funeral. Is God punishing me because I loved her above all else in my life…she was my world. I will miss her so much.

The family must be completely heartbroken but if you read the comments over at True Crime Report (links are below) you can see them circling their wagons to protect the girl they love. Right or wrong that’s a natural reaction when a group of people feels threatened.
One comment over there from someone who claims to be her foster sister says:

Ill i have to say to all of u. Is that u dont know Karrae or Bianca so u have no right to say anything about either one of them. I loved Bianca and Karrae. Karrae was my foster sister. She would have never done anything like that drinking or not. I was just over there the night before that and everything was normal. Bianca was a happy bouncy three year old like normal. Askin for money’s cause i didnt go to her birthday party. Telling my friend to get outs of her house and goes home. That kid was my life and i love her and her mother to death. And i dont like it much when people that dont even know them say shit like that thats just pisses me off. Bianca nicole Starr will be missed so very much. But i do know in my heart that karrae did not do this.

More after the break.

Circling the wagons. Several family members and friends have left comments over there defending her and basically saying that she never could have done this.

Judging from the entires on her blog she was just like every other teenager. Confused, full of angst, sometimes angry. She seems to have loved her daughter, yet here she is charged with First-Degree Murder.
I am jumping off a cliff here and making the assumption that Karrae was a foster child as well. If that is incorrect someone please let me know so I can set that straight. Seems that someone has cleaned up her blog entries over there but the very last one that shows up at MySpace says “OMG!!!! I finally found my sister that I have spent my whole life looking for. She lives in Florida and she looks identical to me and my other sisters!! I can not wait to meet her in person! I am going to write Tom and tell him thank you for making myspace because it is how i found her! WOW!! i can just not belive it you know? i am soooo excited!!!!!!”
Her last login to MySpace was yesterday so either they give the prisoners Internet access or someone in her family is cleaning up her online presence, which seems a bit more likely. Up until then her MySpace headline read “If you really want to know I am the REAL CRAZY BITCH! and don’t forget it.” but now it reads IT’S YOUR Kare Bear KARRAE.
REAL CRAZY BITCH. I wonder which one is closer to the truth? Guess we’ll have to wait for the trial to find out for sure but the proof is in the pudding and in the meantime a beautiful three year old girl is dead.
Here is a screencap of her Bebo page that Steve mentioned over at True Crime Report before it gets taken down or changed.
You can’t really judge from that one page but just by everything in her online presence and blogs she posted sounds like she was pretty confused and fucked up in the head. Add drinking to that and you get a fairly volatile combination. As someone that comes from a family of alcoholics and other assorted crazies I can tell you that the two don’t mix well.
True Crime Report also posted one of her blog entries as well, a top ten odd facts that seems to reveal a bit about her personality. I am reposting it here as well before it gets deleted from MySpace.

1. I am very afraid of cotton balls. I hate the saound they make when they are rubbed together. It makes me feel like throwing up. 

2. I am a nympho but I can not get off. ( weird I know) 

3. I can not sleep naked with a person in the bed with me. 

4. I randomly burst into song as though my life is a depressing musical. 

5. I have OCD. Every thing has to be in place and in perfect alingment with each other. 

6. I am gay ( well bi ) but I have never had sex with a girl. I want to but there aren’t that many girls out there that are actually like that and would be willing to. 

7. I am a complete bitch and very angry at the world. 

8. I hate the song Cheer up Charlie form the original Willy Wonka movie. 

9. I never have to study for any test and or quiz. I pass them with either perfect or almost perfect grades. 

10. I want to be back with two of my exes.

I am kind of slow in getting these things up and in the time I have been typing this story today Dreamin’ Demon already has one up linking to Steve Huff’s story as well. Both True Crime Report and the Dreamin’ Demon just have a way with telling the story that I have never been able to completely emulate, which I guess is why I like to visit. The link to that one is also below. Go visit them both. 
The post over at DD mentions that Karrae’s family blame “the system” for Bianca’s death. As they so obviously put it, it wasn’t “the system” that smothered Bianca Nicole Starr, nor was it “the system” that was drinking alcohol. Did someone in “the system” purchase the alcohol for her? Sorry folks but this is just complete bullshit. Her mother failed her as did the family that should have taught her more responsibility, but then again these are probably people that think the government and “the system” should take care of everyone. I guess they’ll be voting for Obama as well.
Rest in Peace Bianca Nicole Starr.
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