David Jefferey Lewis Cut His Mother's Throat


Is it just me or does this dude not look like George Clooney? Slightly more worn maybe.
86-year-old Bonnie Lewis was found slumped over a living room chair by other members of her family Tuesday night after a visit from her son David. They called 911 but by the time sheriff’s deputies got there she was dead. That usually happens when you have your throat cut. There were no signs of forced entry and the family said that she always kept her house locked tight and wouldn’t answer the door for strangers. 
As of Wednesday police hadn’t specified a cause of death since they were still analyzing forensic evidence after a judge granted a search warrant for David’s home.
Family members said that it was completely out of character for David and not like him, which strikes me as strange since several of the neighbors reported that they were all scared of the dude.
They originally locked him up earlier this week on charges that stemmed from a high-speed car chase that ended up putting him in the hospital back on September 10th. He swerved at deputies and since his truck had a flat and front-end damage they figured he had been involved in a hit-and-run and gave chase which ended with him in the hospital. He wasn’t immediately arrested since he had sustained injuries in the crash. The waited until after he killed his mother to issues an arrest warrant. Boy, that was smart.
Once he was arrested David Lewis admitted to deputies that he had snapped and ‘cut her throat with a knife” while they were standing on her front porch.
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