Kimberly Sutton Drove the Kids to a Fight…

Yet another entry for mother of the year. At least this time they didn’t kill anyone.

Teenage girls get into fights and all sorts of disputes, even more readily than boys, at least in my experience. Guys will get into it and then get over it but girls are different. They hold a grudge. It was no different with 16-year-old Cassandra Sheets and three of her buddies. The only problem here is that Cassandra’s mother thought that the responsible and motherly thing to do would be to drive the four over to another girl’s house so that they could kick her ass.
The four girls entered the house through an open back door. The only ones home at the time were their fifteen year old victim who happened to be babysitting her six year old brother at the time. She fought them off with a kitchen knife and even managed to cut one of them. They are lucky none of them were killed.
All four of the girls were charged with Aggravated Assault and Burglary, which are both felonies and Sutton, since she knowingly drove them to the scene of the crime, was charged with Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Assault and Burglary.
I don’t have any mug shots yet but if I come across them I’ll put ’em up. I couldn’t find and online presence for Kimberly Sutton but all four teens have MySpace pages that are private. I won’t post the links but if you follow the links to the sources below and then search MySpace you’ll find them all int he Phoenix, AZ area.
It’s a bit difficult for kids to learn the right way to act in society when their parents act as if they rode the fucking short bus all their lives.
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