Mitzie Dawn Hadsall Tied Up The Boy


This is a case where a three-year-old boy was extremely lucky that a woman in the Wal-Mart took the time to notice him and call the police. 
The loser to the left is Mitzie Dawn Hadsall. She’s currently in the Mojave County Jail in Kingman, Arizona on $100,000 bond along with her ex-boyfriend and his current girlfriend. Yeah, they all lived together. The current girlfriend too and her two kids. WTF is up with that?
Robin Hall was shopping in the local Wal-Mart when she noticed this three-year-old boy slumped over in a shopping cart, badly bruised with bloodshot eyes. Once she took a good look at him she immediately called the police and made sure to stay between Mitzie and the door until they arrived.
Paramedics immediately took him to the hospital and when the police arrived there to check him out they found several of the nurses crying. One of the staff members said that he had asked her if she was going to tie him up.
Ends up that the boy had bruises all over his body, dried blood on his mouth and rope marks on his wrists where he had been kept tied up. He was also malnourished and was kept in a closet for days at a time for punishment. He’s currently hospitalized and is going to be put in state custody once he gets out. 
I hope this sick piece of trailer trash doesn’t get out of the pokey for a long, long time.
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3 throughts on "Mitzie Dawn Hadsall Tied Up The Boy"

  1. Shit. You know it’s bad when the nurses are crying. They are trained to be objective and if this little boy got past those barriers, it had to be heartbreaking.
    Again, I have to wonder if damage such as this is capable of being overcome. It’s nice to think that finding a nice family that will love him will do the trick, but that’s not the case. These were the most formative years of his life, and chances are he’s messed up for life.
    Why are these people having kids????

  2. I know these people from here in Iowa and I am here to say that I do hope that they get everything they got coming to them. I know Austin will never see my granddaughter and never has accept for on myspace. He beat on my step daughter when they were going out and is luckuy that I did not find out until he was living to far away from me to do anything about it. He has 2 kids of his own and the mother of his other baby is just as stupid as him. She feels sorry for the fact that he is looking at alot of time. In another site I read that he was trying to go for the insanity plea, But I wrote telling them about how he had done alot of the similar things to another exgirlfriend of his daughter and I hope he will not get away with this again he already did here when I turned him in. I do hope that him and the other two never see the light of day again.

  3. these people should be tied up in a dark prison, tortured and left to starve, and reminded everyday how much everybody hates them, that noone is coming for them, and they were a mistake. this is what theyve done to the child, so they need to be taught why their behaviour is wrong like the children they are. i hope the child grows up healthy and happy, but manages to get further reparations and revenge one day. there is no place in the world for these people. they arent human.

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