Thomas Daley is a Creep


About fifteen years ago I read Sliver by Ira Levin. It’s a book this chick that lives in an apartment building where the landlord has cameras installed all over his building. It was OK for that genre but I wasn’t particularly impressed with this offering from the author of The Stepford Wives and Rosemary’s Baby.
When I first read about Thomas Daley yesterday evening Sliver is the first thing I thought of. Creepy, dude.
Daley lives around Philadelphia and owns several apartments in the area. At least seven of them had hidden cameras and audio equipment in the bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms. Police have searched several apartments so far and found the equipment in seven of them that were rented by women. None of the apartments rented by men have any of the hidden cameras.
According to the AP article it was setup so that if you turned on a ceiling fan or light switch he could get the audio and video feed over the Internet. Police arrested Thomas Daley last month and he told them he had been making the recordings for about 20 years. In all he has filmed 34 different female tenants. He has been arraigned on more than 2,000 charges and waived his preliminary hearing yesterday.
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  1. Uber. Creepy.
    When I was single I always hated that feeling that my apartments were rigged for video. I’m just paranoid by nature, but I can’t imagine if I’d found out it was really true. I hope those women sue his ass from here to eternity!

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