Brett and Melissa Shoemaker are NOT Parents of the Week


Melissa and Brett Shoemaker were already having their children taken from them. A six-year-old girl and her three-year-old-sister along with their two-year-old brother were at the Child Protective Services office awaiting placement in a foster home when thet noticed that the three-year-old girls smelled bad, so she was offered a shower to clean up.
While the little girl was getting undressed a CPS worker and a female acquaintance of the family’s noticed that her vagina was red and swollen and that there was blood on her panties. At that point they called in the Manatee County Sheriff’s Department. Detective April Dugan showed up and questioned the little girl.
They asked her if anyone had touched her or hurt her and she responded by pointing to her vagina and crying. “Daddy do it at home”. She drew a picture of her father and pointed out his penis and said that her dad put it in her private part and then white stuff came out. The little girl told police that her father did it her mother was not at home. A full examination couldn’t be completed because it was too painful for the doctor to complete.
Police have arrested and charged Mr Shoemaker with Sexual Battery. He denies the claim and says that the redness must have come from her bath.
The mother has also been arrested and charged with Child abuse. Another friend of the family witnessed Melissa Shoemaker grab his head and smack it against the wall hard when he wanted her to watch him ride his toy horse. She claims that she had been on prescription pain medicine during the incident and couldn’t remember it but that she had only tapped his head.
I’m running a bit late this morning (wrote this around 6am today) so will try and update this story when I get home this evening with more sources and documentation if at all possible.
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  1. My heart is ready to pound out of my chest just reading this. I feel sick for those poor kids. Thank God that people were willing to step forward on behalf of those poor little babies. Sadly, so much damage has already been done…..

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