Ezra Wallace Drinks More Than He Should

It started out as just another routine flight from San Diego to Denver or so thought most of the passengers. Ezra James Wallace, 29, of Denver sat next to two teenage sisters on the flight. Just before the plane took off Wallace took a picture of one of the girls even though she had covered her face.

Wallace apparently still thinks he is nine rather than twenty-nine as he had brought his skateboard on the flight with him and at some point pulled it out form under his seat in order to strike up a conversation with the youngest girl because he thought she had “attitude”. He also had a backpack with him and pulled some athletic tape out of it, which he then used to bind the hands of the older sister. When she complained he responded with a ‘creepy laugh” and later on tried to tape the other girl’s hands together.
A flight crew member noticed and moved the victims to different seats and when the plane landed he was arrested for assault by the FBI.  In a written statement he said it was “all in good fun”. Not like any fun I have ever had, well except for the fact that when I tie people up I try to make sure they are willing first…
He also told the FBI that had had imbibed about a half-pint of vodka prior to flying. Must fly like I do. He stated that he was drunk and blurry and it was very hard to remember details. I’ll bet it was.
His father joined him in Federal court today to support him and stated that his son had “never been in trouble before and that he is not an alcoholic, he just drinks more than he should” and that “he made a boneheaded decision and sometimes you just want to smack ’em”.
Having several close friends and relatives that ARE alcoholics I can tell you right off the bat that family members of non-alcoholics just don’t say shit like that because they have no need to. The only people that say “Oh, he’s not an alcoholic” are usually people that are talking about alcoholics.
Moral of the story? Don’t get drunk and try to tie up teenagers on a plane. bwahaha
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3 throughts on "Ezra Wallace Drinks More Than He Should"

  1. The girls seemed not to mind as they didn’t scream or get up or anything. Stupid teenage girls getting some attention from some “cool” older guy. I would have yelled at the top of my lungs or would have walked away to complain. They evidently were aware of what they were doing.

  2. Speaking as a female (older), I can relate to their behavior. It is a young female paralysis that “some” teen females find themselves in during situations like these. Especially, teenage girls who are so concerned about how people view them at this age. As a mother of teens and having observed this behavior, it doesn’t surprise me. This is why it is so important that parents of young teen girls help them to find that voice of assurance and confidence. I am certain that the girls were not pleased sitting next to a smelly drunk who was trying to manhandle them. A few years back, my children and I had witnessed a scene when “female teen paralysis” kicked-in which was really funny to watch, but I am sure her Father was bewildered at his daughter’s behavior. I did turn to my young charges and told them they will never do that too me … they chuckled in recognition of the syndrome.
    Anyway, just keep this in mind. It was the man’s problem, fault along with the company that kept giving him the drinks.

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