Casey Marie Anthony Indicted For Murder

Casey_Anthony.jpgUpdate 5:45pm – The Orange County Sheriff made a statement that although Casey Anthony has been indicted and arrested they still have not completed the primary objective in the case, and that is to find little Caylee Anthony.

Update 5:40pm – Also according to the Orlando Sentinel the Felony Squad knew where Casey Anthony was at all times and finally pulled her over and took her to the Sheriff’s office.

Update 5:08pm – I’ve been told that Casey Anthony is now in custody at the Orange County Sheriff’s department. They have also unsealed the indictment. The seven charges include First-Degree Murder, Aggravated Manslaughter, Aggravated Child Abuse and four counts of Providing False Information to a Law Enforcement Officer.

Update 4:31pm – According to the Orlando Sentinel Cindy and Casey Anthony left Jose Baez’s office together for about an hour and now Cindy has shown up at home without Casey. They are reporting that she is believed to have switched cars somewhere on the way home. It’s also been reported that she has until 5:30pm EST to turn herself in.

Everyone’s favorite (not!) baby mama was indicted today for the murder of her two-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony. The Anthonys have been in the news since July when she finally reported her daughter missing after a month. Evidence that the police have painstakingly gathered over the last few months has led prosecutors to believe that little Caylee IS dead and they feel that they can successfully prosecute the mother for murder. The Orlando Sentinel has been reporting the developing story throughout the day.

The court has not officially named Casey Anthony as the defendant because she has not yet been taken into custody and of course I may be biting off more than I need to by naming her as the defendant prior to the unsealing of the indictment after the arrest is made. The courtroom opened up to the media at about 3:50 this afternoon and according to the Orlando Sentinel it was unclear at the time where Casey Anthony is at the present time, although according to WESH she is at her parent’s house.The judge has also said that the defendant will be held with no bond. I’ll update this post as the evening wears on.

The very last witness to be called before the Grand Jury earlier today was lead detective Yuri Melich, who was on crutches due to an earlier motorcycle accident not related to the investigation.
Jose Baez and his client Casey Anthony held a press conference earlier today and basically stated that if she were to be indicted she would turn herself in.
CNN as well as the Orlando Sentinel (linked above) has also been updating the story.
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22 throughts on "Casey Marie Anthony Indicted For Murder"

  1. Not surprising since Orlando is filled with sleazeballs, criminals and all sorts of creeps. Hey, honey bun, it happens all the time.
    Just because Disney is there does not mean there is NO crime. It’s a crime capital.
    Last time I looked up my former home, I found seven felons living in lovely Winter Park, a supposedly chic suburb of Orlando.
    Every year, some other wealthy person went to prison. Ken Lay was there. The “Dare to Be Great” guy was there. It is a sickening place to live.
    I could not wait to leave.

  2. Who is the cute woman in the photo?
    Why is there a picture of a brown-haired, cow-faced woman on the page?
    It looks like that white-trash chick Nancy Grave. Maybe she’ll move to Orlando. She would fit right in.
    Tacky, tacky.

  3. Here is what will happen. it will take the Jury 5 min to CONVICT Casey
    2 Min. for them to sentence her to death. 14 years later they find a 17 year old Caylee living in the home of a pedophile. She will then sue Orlando, Florida & CNN for every penny they have.
    Has anyone including Nancy Disgrace ever looked at all the pedophiles around the grandparent’s home? There are FIVE living on the SAME STREET.
    Wo better to victimize than a habitual liar & petty thief??? First the Cops said Zenaida NEVER existed. Then suddenly she is on CNN. First apparing in shadow yet months later is forced out due to everyone & their dog calling her & making threats. When she is shown she has a gang or prison style tattoo on her arm & a Marijuana leaf tattoo on her cleavage.
    Yea this is a real Pillar of thre community…. I bet this Zenaida has a rap sheet a mile long for drugs & other crimes. Next we have the COP boyfriend. What does this law abiding guy know?
    third you have two others with motive such as this abusive Boyfriends & the woman claiming Casey ripped her off.
    The ONLY facts we have is Casey has a criminal history therefore she OBVIOUSLY will NOT be honest with the cops. Second she is a Habitual liar as are most criminals. Next as anyone who has seen any Cops show both real & fictional COPS CAN LIE to get a confession.
    This will end with Casey SUCCESSFULLY appealing. How? Simple She DID NOT get a fair trial. Hell everyone from CNN to you bloggers have convicted her. so even IF she is guilty she will walk on appeal.
    Once that happens she can confess & it will be double jeperdy.

  4. I am a father of 2 little ones. My daughter is 5 and my son is 3. Everytime I hear about this story and see the picture of that poor little girl I just makes me feel really sad and disgusted at the mother. I hope she gets punished to the max. that the law allows.

  5. In a sane world I would say yes but unfortunately we are not there. Also, Casey Anthony seems to be a bit of a sociopath. Did you see the tears she was crying on the news earlier. Do you or anyone else really think she was crying about Caylee? She was crying because she can’t believe she’s not going to get away with it, the stupid bitch.

  6. You must be fucking joking. Do you honestly believe that after all of the evidence they have that points to the fact that Caylee Anthony is dead, that she is alive and that her mother didn’t kill her?
    The same mother that was searching for information on Chloroform on the Internet, and oh by the way traces of it were found in her trunk along with Caylees DNA showing she was deceased?
    Wake up and smell the fucking coffee.
    You are right on one thing, I think she will appeal her conviction all the way to the Supreme Court and very well may be successful in her appeal as well. One can only hope that someone in general population will do her before she goes on death row.

  7. Sad Parent, I know the feeling. I’ve been writing about Caylee Anthony for several months now and I think of my three children every time I write. My wife can’t even come over here and read about her because it moves her to tears.

  8. Its really sad to hear stories like that, which now in days have been so many of them. Its really clear that Casey Anthony is guilty of murdering her daughter, by the evidence of the text messages shows a lot that she didn’t care about her daughter and it shows that she has no heart. This is what happens with someone thats irresponsible and doesnt like to face their problems. She had a baby at a young age and I guess she couldnt take it anymore and decided to kill a young innocent child. People like this deserve to be punished, I hope they lock her up for life and make her suffer for what she has done to a helpless child. The father of Caylee should also be punished because how can he let something like this happen in his own family. Also how can a mother go out to clubs and have all this fun while her daughter is missing, what kind of parent is that?? If someone close to me went missing like that i know i wouldnt be able to go out ad have fun, I would try to do anything I can to find that person, especially if it was my child. Stories like this just makes me wanting to be more careful for myself and for family, no one knows what can happen with all the psycho’s out there. I feel really bad that the grandparents have to go through something like this, it must be really hard on them and really unhealthy for them. Its sad how theirs more and more pregnant teenagers now in days and could be capable of doing something like this because their not ready to take the responsibility of a being a parent, and teenagers make really dumb decisions. Well I hope that they have all the information and evidence that they need to prosecute Casey Anthony to the fullest punishment, people like this dont deserve a second chance.

  9. A murder indictment without knowledge whether the victim is dead or alive??? Doesn’t that little glitch create “reasonable doubt?”

  10. It was about time that they arrested her for murder. Obviously there is more than enough evidence to bring her up on murder charges. I would say there is forensic evidence from the trunk that is Caylee’s and that the decomposition has Caylee’s DNA. The Grand Jury isn’t going to indict someone without EVIDENCE!!!!! Casey Anthony premeditated everything and then came up with her elaborate LIE to try to cover it all up.

  11. It was about time that they arrested her for murder. Obviously there is more than enough evidence to bring her up on murder charges. I would say there is forensic evidence from the trunk that is Caylee’s and that the decomposition has Caylee’s DNA. The Grand Jury isn’t going to indict someone without EVIDENCE!!!!! Casey Anthony premeditated everything and then came up with her elaborate LIE to try to cover it all up.

  12. I am so glad that this woman is finally being charged with Caylee’s murder! I am saddened that a happier ending was never found, but the fact that this sick and twisted BABY KILLER is behind bars will make me sleep better at night! Thanks for this blog forum! I’m a SINGLE Mom and I kiss my 16 and 10 year old sons every night. Its been a very tough year for us but never in my wildest dreams would I ever consider lifting a finger to those boys. I gave life to them. They are my precious gift from God and I cherish them every day. Casey chose the wrong path and Caylee suffered dearly for it.

  13. I don’t understand how any Mom can get an idea of killing a child… I doubt that such a person is normal, I don’t want to believe that any normal person can commit such a crime… It becomes scary to live knowing that such horrible creatures do exist… Poor baby…

  14. Maybe slightly reasonable doubt but that’s up to the jury to decide. Although they have not recovered the body I don’t think there is any doubt that she is dead thanks to the forensic evidence discovered thus far. Have you not read any of the documentation yet?

  15. I beleive that Casey belongs in the general population and not isolated. What she did to her beautiful little innocent babygirl is unspeakable. If she was innocent she would never have told all thoughs lies in the first place. She would not have had to think up excuses.She needs to talk and what better way to get her to talk than with the general population. How she was able to hide this from her friends and family for a month is bewildering. I am hoping that when this is over that Caylee’s body will be found and that she can rest in peace . Caylee is with the angels and in a better place. No one can ever hurt her again.

  16. They might stick her in general population but I seriously doubt it. If they pursue the death penalty and she is convicted she’ll be out of the crowd until they execute her. That’s assuming she is convicted of course.

  17. i was just wondering why didn’t police take in any consideration of the man who actually saw a women leaving the woods with a shovel while a man was on the bridge looking out.not to my knowledge have they ever looked into that.also,since the child is passed and if found what kind of evidence would they be able to find now..since its been so long?this story is so sad i had to stop watching it.i have a child the same age as caylee,whose actually just a month younger than her..hes at that age where he just drives me crazy sometimes but hes just a kid,but i could never hurt my child,and as a mother,ask myself how could a mother hurt her child like that let alone take her life,and for what?to party,fuck a different guy every night,do drugs,drink.i hope this is a speedy trial.

  18. Char,
    Considering the amount of publicity this case has received I’m surprised it took them 30 min. Once the jury discovered the case they was on they would have found her guilty before the Prosicutor spoke one word.

  19. oh thank god they finally got this monster off the street – for all her manipulation and guile over idiots like jose baez, that incredibly phony bounty hunter and most of her moronic boypals, someone with a keen sense of justice and determination managed to convince a grand jury to lock this emotionally distant piece of trash up hopefully until she is either dead or too old and decrepit to appreciate the rest of her life
    she should get no less than what she gave her two year old daughter – death or barring that life, in prison
    i hope that whoever was backing casey and her family up is reading this and know that I and millions of others are breathing a sigh of relief and also merry that this worthless cunt will not ever be spending another holiday outside prison bars and that she will suffering every single day while she slowly loses whats left of her mind – it almost makes up for everything this loser did – not quite , but almost.
    our prayers go out only to little caylee anthony and hope that her essence is resting comfortably somewhere else outside of whatever hole her mother fed her body to – god speed to her.
    and now, let justice be done.

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