SickBoy and Schmoe Like to Drink in the Morning


It’s a bitch when you can’t even walk down to your own mailbox with some drunk-driving-douchebag running you over. At 11 am. On a Sunday. Of course I suppose they could have been drunk from the night before. Been there and done that but when I drink I don’t get in the car. I don’t even ride as passenger when I’m drinking (unless I am passed out and being taken home). Too afraid I might blow chunks on someone’s carpet.

Sau Leung-Kwan is the 71-year-old woman who was standing by her mailbox in Portland, Oregon Sunday when 34-year-old Joshua Bertholet lost control of his pickup truck and rolled up onto the sidewalk, striking the old lady. Bertholet was thrown from the truck but not injured and his passenger Jamie Schmoe suffered minor injuries.
Bertholet was arrested on suspicion of second-degree assault, driving under the influence of intoxicants and reckless driving.
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‘SickBoy’ as he calls himself on the web, has this to say about himself on his MySpace ( page:

Just your regular, not so everyday, irish, tattooed rock-a-billy guy. I play the drums, and love it. Currently between bands. Looking for another one to ROCK with. I work as a Bartender on 122nd and holgate. I drink…a lot. I mean it. Started my own drinking magazine. What better way to get discounts at bars, right? I Like to go to shows, and events. I like to camp, yea I said camp, but rarely get the chance. I’m originally from L.A. I love Oregon. Good weather and great snow for snowboarding. Minneapolis is really grew on me though. I have lived in several differant countries, and many states. Thats me in a nut shell

Perhaps you should hold up on that drinking there dude before you actually kill somebody there dude.
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4 throughts on "SickBoy and Schmoe Like to Drink in the Morning"

  1. I used to work with this douche…he roomed with someone I am close with and is not only a drinking and driving fool but he is also a total and complete psychopath….hope he is put away for some time because the world is a better place without him….he was fired from where we work and went nuts when it happened….

  2. “Connie”
    I’m really glad you got that off your chest…do you feel better? He is actually a terrific guy…especially to me. The world is a better place with out people like you leaving comments like that. I think it’s terribly inappropriate.

  3. He’s a loser dickweed rapist. I know a girl he beat up in Minneapolis. He should be in a jail. he put an old lady in the hospital! she’s probably someone’s grandmother. looks like he was drunk before noon as usual. maybe he’ll kill himself and save a cop a bullet!

  4. Too bad it’s even more terribly inappropriate to drink and drive and run over the elderly. At some point, we must grow up and stop acting like it doesn’t matter. We all know it’s against the law to get wasted and drive around town. My point is only this, still a douche. Anyone our age who still acts like an infant and obviously cannot handle their beloved alchohol is irresponsible, I hold that feeling for all, not just Mr. Bertholet. If it eases your mind though to be angry at me, go ahead and have your thoughts.

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