A Jerry Springer Kind of Day

Damn this has been one rough week. One of my guys is on his ten-day vacation right now. In itself that’s no big deal. I’m used to running my stores when the managers are off. The problem is that I’ve had several folks sick this week so I am trying to get their shifts covered and having to run my other two stores as each of those managers gets their two days off. I drove back and forth between three towns all morning getting my weekly paperwork and payroll closed out, cooked in one store for a bit, all the while listening to people fucking whine about this and that. All in a days work I suppose. Better than the alternative of not having a job.
I have eight more days until I get a day off. I’m already tired and grouchy so I can only imagine what I’ll be like to work with a week from now.
On a brighter note, I’ve got sort of a Jerry Springer type thing going on in the comments at Shadowscope. Check out this discussion and tell me what you think. I’ll take my entertainment where I can get it and these fuckers are really making me laugh. Perhaps I shouldn’t get my kicks at someone else’s expense but this group of folks seems to have brought their misery onto themselves.
That’s about it for tonight. I only put up one post at the other site and updated another. Just not in the mood for it I guess. I think I’ll just hit the sack early. Won’t be long until 4:30 rolls around and I have to roll my happy ass out of the bed. Hell, my alarm went off for an hour this morning before I ever even heard it.

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