Texas EquuSearch Looking For Volunteers

Got this via email a short while ago and wanted to repost it in entirety.

Nov. 8 Search Planned For Caylee, Kesse

Up To 4,000 Volunteer Searchers Expected

The latest search effort planned for Caylee Anthony is generating a lot of interest.

An Orlando private investigator who has volunteered to head up the effort to recruit team leaders said he has received over 400 calls since just 5 p.m. Wednesday.

“We’re looking for someone with law enforcement background, fire service background, department of corrections — public service background essentially,” said James Copenhaver, private investigator. “Those folks have had some training in the past that they can bring to the table to help us

The search is being headed up by Equusearch, the same group based in Texas that searched for Caylee in September. The group’s leader, Tim Miller, plans to return to Orlando on Nov. 7 to train team leaders.

On Nov. 8, the group hopes to send as many as 3,000 or 4,000 volunteer searchers out to look for both Caylee Anthony and Jennifer Kesse — a Central Florida woman who has been missing since January 2006.

Equusearch is still looking for a search headquarters and determining the exact areas that will be searched. Both the sherriff’s office and the FBI are on board with their efforts.

People who are interested in volunteering with Equusearch in the upcoming search for Caylee Anthony and Jennifer Kesse on Nov. 8 call Equusearch at 877-270-9500 or go to their website at www.texasequusearch.org. If you are retired law enforcement, military personnel, or have a background in fire or rescue and would like to serve as a team leader, please contact James Copenhaver at 407-897-1184.


So like the deal says, if you are interested in helping out with the search for Jennifer Kesse OR Caylee Anthony, give them a call.

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