Jessie Santiago Lamboy Squeezed and Squeezed

jessiesantiago.jpgEarly last week a child was brought to Health Park Hospital in Fort Myers vomiting and coughing up blood. The doctors treated the baby, did X-Rays and sent the family back home. After the X-Rays showed that she had eight broken ribs the hospital called them back in and police were also notified.

31-year-old Jessie Santiago was questioned by Lee County Detectives Friday, gave them a statement and was arrested afterward on a felony charge of cruelty toward a child aggravated abuse. Part of his statement was that he squeezed the baby girl. It’d have to be an awful hard squeeze to break ribs.
He was released Sunday at 6am on a $100,000 surety bond.
Santiago doesn’t have much of a record that I have found thus far and certainly nothing violent, mainly traffic violations like expired tags and speeding, at least in Lee County where he was arrested. Nothing that would really give any indication that he was unstable or anything. 
He also goes by the name Lamboy. I am not yet sure if that’s a nickname, old last name or what. If you have any info on that let me know. His MySpace page is at and he also has Leones De Ponce listed beside his name. Leones De Ponce is translated to “Lions of Ponce” (or something close to that) and they are a baseball team based out of Ponce, Puerto Rico, which is where Jessie is from. His main interest seems to be cars and while he does have himself listed as being in a relationship he also lists that he does not want kids. 
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