Beaten, Choked and Stomped On: The Tragic Death of Tonya Jean Fetrow


Everything about Tonya Jean Fetrow showed a promising future. She was a caring, giving woman who enjoyed life and her family; in particular her one-year-old daughter Ava who she just threw a big brithday party for recently. There was just one hitch. She was trying to get away from a man who was becoming increasingly demanding and violent, Kenneth Brown Jr, Ava’s father.
Brown lived and worked in Philadelphia, about 70 miles from Lancaster, where Fetrow and her daughter lived. He would drive up to Lancaster on the weekends to visit his daughter but in recent weeks Tonya felt like he was becoming more demanding, possessive and she was trying to end the relationship with Brown. Apparently he didn’t see it that way.

This past Saturday night Tonya Fetrow had plans to go out with her best friend for drinks. She wanted to make sure her friend was along in case Brown showed up and figured that there would be protection being in a small group. Brown kept calliner her, insisting that he be allowed to go along and then just showed up. Tonya acquiesed and allowed him to go with them. Brown was in a bad mood, they argued, and the girls wanted to drop him off at his car.
When Tonya stopped the car at a stop sign Brown, who was seated behind her in the back seat reached into the front and started to choke Fetrow. Her friend managed to get his hands off of Fetrow at which point she fled the car. Brown ran after her, caught up and punched her several times, causing her to fall to the ground, not moving. Brown, in a fit of rage, stomped on her neck and kicked her in the head and the face, picked her up by the hair and dragging her back to the car threw her lifeless body into the vehicle and drove off leaving her friend behind.
At some point later Brown dumped Tonya’s body in a driveway in East Donegal Township, about 18 miles from Lancaster. Police received a 911 call informing them of the body at which point they rushed to find her with obvious signs of having been beating about the head and body. 
Brown was arrested before 4pm on Sunday and was charged with Criminal Homicide. He is being held on $5 million bond as he is a flight risk.
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3 throughts on "Beaten, Choked and Stomped On: The Tragic Death of Tonya Jean Fetrow"

  1. This story makes me sad all around: sad for the victim that couldn’t get that nutjob out of her life, sad for the witnesses of the attack and sad for that motherless child. 🙁

  2. I guess the baby is the one I feel the most pain for. Obviously it is horrible for her entire family and her friends but growing up without a parent would just be awful.

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