Justine Luecke Was Not So Lucky


It’s kind of nice to be able to post something that’s NOT about missing or murdered people occasionally and while I really do have a tiny bit of sympathy for Justin Luecke, it really isn’t all that much and I’ve spent the last few minutes giggling to myself.
28-year-old Justin Luecke (http://www.myspace.com/pimpdaddyy2k187) was very unlucky this week. Someone broke into his house so what’s he do? Just what any other law-abiding citizen would do. He called the law. Either he was stoned, didn’t expect them to respond so quickly, or maybe he’s just dumb as dirt. Any way you slice it, when Sheboygan Police showed up at the house in response to the call they noticed he had left out his pipe in the bedroom and had forgotten to clean up the stems and seeds in his living room. Damn, those pesky details.
The police were smart enough to leave and returned later with a search warrant for the house. Thus far I don’t know if they arrested him during the original visit or the return but either way when they came back the second time they found more marijuana as well as a scale and what is referred to as marijuana packaging. Packaging? Perhaps I am just old but the only thing I ever saw the stuff packages in when I was a kid was a sandwich bad or inside rolling paper.

Justin Luecke is facing charges of felony marijuana possession as well as some other misdemeanors. All in all he might spend a couple of years in jail. Did I mention he’s on MySpace? Oh yeah, the links above. All the pimp daddys got MySpace accounts. He hasn’t logged into his since March of 2007 but there are some interesting tidbits to be gleaned from the sight such as the title “midwest bad ass” and “im the guy your momma warned u about”. He also says “m on yahoo messenger if u wanna talk to me im there just i m me and we can talk ……. pimpdaddyy2k187 is my id there if u see this n wanna find me go to lost chery.com n add midwestbadboy ill b glad to talk to u there http://www.cherrytap.com/join.php?friend=65033 theres the link add me i hate filling these out i dont know what else to say”
He also wants to meet “a sexy lady thats honest and loyal and can have fun”. Hopefully she’ll have brains too because Justin is apparently as forgetful as I am. Gotta have a sexy lady that’s smart to keep us in line.
Now I don’t really care whether you smoke pot or not. I choose not to and won’t allow it in my house but if you can responsibly smoke and be productive, more power to you but just remember when you call the cops, you’d better at least hide the stuff.
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  1. I know this guy he really is just that stupid!! He is a waste of air and I hope he goes away for a long time.

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