Raymond Charles Foster Isn't Very Smart

Updated – Dead Woman Identified. Update at the bottom of the post.

“The KKK Took My Baby Away”
She went away for the holidays
Said she’s going to L.A.
But she never got there
She never got there
She never got there, they say 
The KKK took my baby away
They took her away
Away from me
The KKK took my baby away
They took her away
Away from me
Now I don’t know
Where my baby can be
They took her from me
They took her from me
I don’t know
Where my baby can be
They took her from me
They took her from me
Ring me, ring me ring me
Up the President
And find out
Where my baby went
Ring me, ring me, ring me
Up the FBI
And find out if
My baby’s alive
Yeah, yeah, yeah
She went away for the holidays
The KKK took my baby away 
They took my girl
They took my baby away
The Ramones, 1981

chuck foster.jpg
You have to wonder about people that join fundamentalist hate groups like the KKK or any other bunch of folks that are just getting together to hate on people but I can understand how economic issues, home issues and the like can make people turn to these groups. Everyone has different prejudices in one way or another both most of us just shrug them off and deal with each other’s differences. Not so for Chuck Foster and his little group of hating scumbags in Bogalusa, Louisiana.

I guess an unidentified woman from Oklahoma must have had second thoughts about joining in with Raymond “Chuck” Foster’s little group of white supremacists because when she tried to leave the campsite in a remote rural area Chucky shot and killed the woman.

According to some of the reports I have read which may or may not be true the members of the so-called “Dixie Brotherhood” recruited the so-far unidentified woman over the Internet (Imagine That!) and once initiated she was supposed to go back to Oklahoma and start a chapter.
All in all there are eight people charged in the crime so far. Foster actually did the killing and the other people tried to cover it up. The managed to get caught when two of them went into a store in the area to wash the blood out of their clothes and the clerk at the Circle K called the police. It must be rough when the Circle K clerk has more brains than you do…
When the cops showed up they found klan uniforms, flags and oh yeah, the woman’s body in a ditch. The happy campers had tried to burn her clothes and other personal effects at the campsite.
So who are the no-so-lovely participants in this ugly matter?
Raymond “Chuck” Foster, 44; Shane Foster (another profile here AND here), 20; Frank Stafford, 21; Timothy Michael Watkins and here’s his MySpace and Fubar page, 30; Alicia M. Watkins (and here and here is her Fubar site) , 23; Andrew Yates, 20; Random Hines, 27; and Danielle Jones, 23. Raymond has been charged with second-degree murder and the rest of them are facing obstruction of justice charges and are all sitting in the St. Tammany Parish jail. I’m going to try and get some of the MySpace and any other pertinent links up later this afternoon that I haven’t already posted, it just depends on when I get home from work. The link for Chuck Foster I am 99% sure is accurate, either way the guy is not nice.
Update 4:31pm: The dead woman has been identified as Cynthia C. Lynch of Tulsa, Oklahoma. More information to follow. Also updated some of the MySpace links.
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2 throughts on "Raymond Charles Foster Isn't Very Smart"

  1. I was looking at their mugs and I’m pretty sure drugs were involved. The first hint you shouldn’t meet a 40-year-old and his friends for a cult initiation: He has a MySpace page.
    You do an awesome job digging up the dirt on these people. I don’t have the pages to find a MySpace page, much less a “Fubar” page whatever the hell that is.

  2. Yeah, I kind of figure the same thing you mentioned at your site. Meth-fueled orgy.
    I ran across a site just by chance a while back that does some pretty awesome searches, http://www.peekyou.com. Some of the results are off but it’s a damn site easier than some of them I’ve been on.
    Now if their was only a Peekyou for felony records…

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