Kanyon Nicely is Missing


Colorado issued an Amber Alert yesterday for 15-year-old Kanyon Nicely who went missing at some point Monday night/Tuesday morning in the town of Pagosa Springs where she lives. She is believed to be with 20-year-old Travis Lee Farmer and headed to Mexico.
The two may be traveling south, possibly to Mexico in a white Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel pickup truck with Colorado license plates 534-LZA. The truck has signs for PAP (Precision Asphalt Paving) on both driver’s and passenger side doors. It has an extended cab as well as a 100-gallon fuel tank in the bed. Due to the fact that it has the extra tank authorities believe that they could make it to Mexico without stopping. As of today the Amber Alert has been canceled but law enforcement is treating this as a kidnapping due to the fact that Kanyon is only 15.

As I mentioned above Kanyon is 15 and she is described as a white female with brown eyes and black hair cut above her shoulders, 5’7″ 117#. 

Travis is described as being a white male with blue eyes, brown hair, 5’8″ weighing 156 pounds. The vehicle they might be traveling in was stolen from his employer on Monday night, his employer reported it stolen at 8am Tuesday morning. He was seen leaving his sister’s house at approximately 1am Tuesday morning. He left a note saying that he was afraid he might go back to prison on other charges. In addition to pending action against him from earlier this summer he had already spent two months in prison for an aggravated motor vehicle theft charge that he pleaded guilty to back in January. The ‘other charges’ he referred to are most likely a trial for possession of a weapon, eluding police and another aggravated motor theft. The trial for those charges is scheduled for January.
Travis and Kanyon has only been dating for about a week and her parents had not approved of their relationship due to his age. They last saw her around 1am Tuesday morning and said that she had most likely gone out an open bedroom window.


Kanyon’s MySpace page (actually she has two of them) look pretty much like the normal teenage angst you’ll see quite often. Most notable though is the headline ‘FUCK THIS LIFE’. Teenagers are angry and sometimes show it in different ways. Is this a case where she decided that it was better to run away from her life than to face whatever she was having a hard time with? She has several blog posts up on her MySpace page including some poetry. The most recent post is from the end of July and is below:
A Life Of Loss… or is it, A loss Of Life 

Current mood:  drained 
Category: Life
I am in the deepest of pain at the moment… mentally.
1)The love of my life left me…
2)I cant see my sister ever….
3)My family split up
4)My counciler put me on suicide watch again
5)I dont have a stable place to live… or a stable anything for that fact

but hey who gives a fuck right? NO ONE. So I guess suicide watch may be a good thing for me at the moment then again some people,(INCLUDING ME) think I am better off dead anyways so fuck it I am gone… I love you everyone.
Pretty heavy stuff. I know the folks in her life want to get her back and due to the fact that Travis has proven that he doesn’t care about following the law they have to be pretty worried.
If you have seen Travis Farmer or Kanyon Nicely or have any information on the disappearance please contact the Pagosa Police Department at (970) 264-4151
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  1. well here I am, alive? Is that what you all were waiting for? who is my sisters best friend? I wasnt kidnaped, but I was VIOLATED by the law they striped and cavity searched me right on the hover damn MALE cops were the only ones present. And I spent one adjitating night in wescare (UN SANITARY PLACE) well if you want to know more about me before you through another gay ass untrue post up write me… Ranaelings@yahoo.com

  2. Actually I would prefer to just update this one with the facts if they are wrong. I appreciate you stopping by and updating everyone. If you feel like sharing just shoot me an email and I will update the post.

  3. Yesterday my father talked to the DA he told him to drop the kidnapping charges. Travis is now only looking at 6-8 years I will get back together with him as soon as he gets out I will also write him, and if at all possibal attend his court dates and visit him.

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