New Witnesses in the Natalee Holloway Case

Back at the beginning of September I wrote about something that I had run across at Diario as well as on Greta Van Susteren’s show notes/blog. Basically a witness had come forward who could place Joran Van Der Sloot as well as his father near the Monserrat Dam around 4AM on the morning that Natalee disappeared. The witness felt that the Aruban police had just blown him off and had been very hostile toward him, which is why it had taken him so long to come forward with the information again. The news has been picking up steam over the last couple of months and now they are thinking about reopening the investigation again.
That new witness coupled with the videotaped confession from Joran earlier this year may just be enough information to get them to reopen the case. If that’s not enough apparently an ex-girlfriend has also come forward with some suspicious sounding comments that Joran made at the time as well. CNN has some of the information up on both of these witnesses.
The lead Aruban prosecutor Hans Mos says that they hope to make a decision by the end of the year as to whether they are going to arrest van der Sloot again or not. That’s if they can find him of course.

Apparently Joran screwed up again and the very same person who secretly videotaped his ‘confession’, Peter R. de Vries managed to get undercover reporters to trap him again. He set it up so that a couple of folks posed as sex industry bosses in the Netherlands looking to import Thai girls for prostitution and van der Sloot promised to supply them with the girls. He has been living in Thailand since the case was closed again last year, supposedly going to school.

That will make a bit of sense to some folks because it was believed that one of the possibilities at the time of her disappearance was that Natalee might have been sold off into the burgeoning sex slave trade. Personally I think that she is deceased and that Joran for once was telling the truth in the video that de Vries managed to get and release on television.

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  1. This case has been so screwed up from the beginning. Sadly, lack of concrete evidence has only complicated it.
    I, too, think that Natalie is dead. However, it is possible that she was passed thru the sex trade. I just think that they probably look for women who aren’t as likely to have someone notice them missing.

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