Jan Fricke Had Sex With His 13-Year-Old Foster Daughter


People become foster parents for different reasons, some of them being very good. They want to help children that have been abused or been in drug using households and give the children a chance at a normal life. Sometimes it can be a hard but very rewarding experience.
The you have others that become foster parents for their own sinister purposes. Base, ugly uses. At best some of these people just do it for the money and at worst you have people like Jan M. Fricke who allegedly do it for the sex.
You heard me right. Jan M. Fricke allegedly had sex repeatedly with his 13-year-old foster daughter. 13!
Jan is currently sitting in jail (or was yesterday) on $5,000 bond but since it’s so low he may be out soon.

The foster daughter first reported the abuse to a school counselor who started the ball rolling. Once the school resource officer got involved they called DHS and the Manitowac Police. With the information they gathered from the investigation Fricke was arrested on Wednesday. He faces charges of sexual assault of a child and engaging in repeated acts of sexual assault of the same child.

During questioning Jan Frick admitted to having had sexual contact with his foster daughter and also admitted that he was aware of her age. His bail was set it court yesterday at $5,000 and he also has certain conditions which include having no contact with the victim or any other child under the age of 18.
There are some unfounded allegations against the foster child as well in the comments on one of the news stories I came across as well. I guess that they could be true but being as how the perpetrator actually admitted to committing the crime to police it’s most likely people just spreading rumors to help defend Fricke.
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7 throughts on "Jan Fricke Had Sex With His 13-Year-Old Foster Daughter"

  1. What a horrible story. I agree with you about the MySpace page.. if the woman really longed for children, I´m sure she would have announced in one of her personal pages.
    All I can say about him is.. I hope he rots and that I´m glad the girl told someone about it. Young girls need to be constantly reminded that they have to tell someone if they´re not happy or anything is wrong. Poor girl.

  2. First off….there is NO mention of rape in the HTR news article. It states that it was 2nd degree sexual assualt….that does not constitute rape. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not condoning what Jan has done in any way, but I think that if a web site is going to report on him they need to get the right information out there, and rape is not the right information!
    I also would like to comment on “his wife’s myspace page”. Their dog Baxter has actually been dead for about 4-5 months now, so it is apparent that she has not updated her site in a while (which could have been seen by her last log in date!!!!) Just because someone is a foster parent they have to publish that on Myspace? I do a lot of things that I don’t publish on Myspace…Does that make me a bad person?
    Yes, as you may have guessed I do know Jan and I am shocked and in complete disbelief over this situation. My stomach is in knots and I am having a hard time processing this all, and coming to a site like this seeing that he raped her repeatedly makes me even more sick, especially seeing as though that is not the truth.

  3. As far as the word ‘rape’ vs. ‘sexual assault’ it is pretty much the same thing, particularly where a minor is concerned.
    One of the reasons I didn’t link to the MySpace page aside from them probably not wanting unneeded gawkers showing up is the fact that she hasn’t logged in for a while and it’s obvious that it hasn’t been updated.
    My speculation (and that is ALL it is) about not mentioning being a foster parent on MySpace is just that. I also have a MySpace page and while I don’t specifically mention or swoon over my children there I do have some pictures up and am also listed as being a parent. I certainly don’t think she’s a bad person. It was more of a curious musing than anything.
    Since you say that he didn’t rape the child, then what is the truth? I try and keep my posts as accurate as possible even when I am just speculating about stuff and if you have any court documentation or other legal proof that Fricke did not sexually assault the 13-year-old then I need to update the post immediately.

  4. If you note, there is no mention of rape in the article in the HTR news. It states 2nd degree assault. 2nd degree assault is oral sex, and/or touching of the gentials. 1st degree is rape. I am not out for dispute, nor am I out to condone his action. I whole heartedly agree that what was done with this child is inappropriate and Jan should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I was just simply making a statement that word rape itself is rather harsh, and people might jump to conclusions that are false.
    The Fricke’s became foster parents after the last log on his wife’s Myspace, so her not mentioning that really has no impact on the case, and should have no bearing on your article.
    Again, I am having a hard processing this all and am sick to my stomach to know that this was done to a child.

  5. Yeah, maybe it was a bit sensational. Not being one to enjoy being sued I may change that.
    You actually are 100% correct about the portion referring to her MySpace account. Initially I wasn’t going to include that in there and added it at the last minute. I may go ahead and remove that as well. I do appreciate you coming by and putting in your opinion though. Helps keep honest people honest.

  6. Thank you for changing the wording. I really appreciate that. While the wording does not change the situation, it will help people from jumping to conclusions that might not be factual. Thank you again.

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