Aubry Graveline Defended Her Penis


There seems to be a recurring theme in quite a few abuse and murder cases where women are involved with their boyfriends and their children seem to take a back seat to their primal urges as victims.
19-year-old Audry L. Graveline and 24-year-old Raymond R. Farradzs were arrested earlier this week after Audry’s toddler was injured this past Sunday.
Police in Prescott, Arizona got a call last Sunday that told them a 1-year-old boy was injured in a trailer. By the time that police got to the place Aubry and Raymond had fled the scene with her son.
It took a couple of days but investigators tracked the pair of child abusers to a possible location in Paulden and on November 19th police from Prescott as well as Yavapai County Sheriff’s deputies found them. Graveline and Farradzs were taken into custody at that time.

The police reported that the child had a possible broken nose and both of his eyes were swollen and black from the repeated beating that the tough guy Raymond Farradzs administered. Must have balls of steel to take on a dangerous one-year-old child. That’s what you call a scumbag asshat. 

The child was taken to the Yavapai Regional Medical Center for treatment and to get a full examination to verify if he had any prior injuries. I don’t know the results of the exam yet.
Here’s the kicker though. Audry Graveline was ‘mainly concerned with protecting her boyfriend’ according to the police report. She has been arrested for Deprivation of Medical Attention (Child Neglect) and Farradzs has been charged with Child Abuse and Deprivation of Medical Attention. Both are in the custody of the Yavapai County Jail.
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