James Spencer Adams Tortured His Grandson


The picture sort of makes old dude look like one of those blue-haired trolls doesn’t it? Nothing whatsoever about James Spencer Adams and the incident which led to his arrest is anywhere close to sanity so why would his mugshot be any different?
According to what James told police he and his grandson were horsing around and wrestling when he grabbed one of those plastic coat hangers and jammed it down the throat of the ten year old. Actually he ‘guided’ the coat hanger down the kids throat this past Wednesday evening. Once he pulled it out he explained how he wiped the blood off the hanger.
WTF? In what way, shape or form does jamming a coat-hanger down a 10-year-old boy’s throat constitute loving horseplay between a grandparent and their grandchild? It’s just sick.

According to the arrest affidavit for Mr Adams “Then and there intentionally inflict physical and or mental injury upon a child. Defendant did willfully torture and maliciously punish the child by putting the hook of a coat hanger down victims throat. This did cause great bodily harm as the victim suffered from torn tonsils, soft pallet and posterior pharynx. Defendant did admit post Miranda to ‘guiding the hanger in his mouth’. Defendant also admitted to cleaning the blood off the hanger.” I’m sure that Officer Harris, the arresting officer wanted nothing more than to jam the coat hanger down James Adams’ throat just to give him a taste of his own medicine.

James Adams apparently already has some other issues as well. He’s already had a couple of DUI’s and has pissed off his neighbors more than once in addition to having an old arrest for possession of Cocaine.
He is currently jailed on $125,000 bond at the Pinellas County Jail on the charge of Aggravated Child Abuse and his grandson is recovering at All Children’s Hospital. James pleaded not guilty this past Thursday morning and was ordered to have no contact with his grandson.
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