Deadreart Holmes REALLY Liked His Hat


I wear hats. Not all the time but when it’s cold or rainy I wear a hat. Mine looks amazingly like the hat on the cartoon picture on my sidebar as a matter of fact. I love that hat. It’s heavy black leather and was an anniversary gift from my wife in 2007. I don’t think I could kill anyone over it though. I don’t know, just call me a prude but it’s just a darned hat and while I might be pretty pissed off if someone ruined it or lost it, it’s still just a damned hat. I guess that’s what makes me different from Deadreart Holmes because he liked his hat too. Enough to kill over it. I guess if it hadn’t been the hat it would have been something else though.
Sheriff’s deputies in Hillsborough County Florida arrested 18-year-old Deadreart Jamel Holmes on a charge of second-degree murder after he stabbed his brother to death in a fight over a lost hat. See, Deadreart let his brother Jason Phifer borrow his hat and the scoundrel lost it, leaving it in a friend’s car. Deadreart threatened to stab him and then made good on the threat by attacking him with a kitchen knife, stabbing him in the chest. Ahh, brotherly love at it’s finest.

Deadreart is currently being held at the Hillsborough County Jail with no bond. Judging from the jail records he was originally held on bail of an undisclosed amount but that was revoked earlier today.

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5 throughts on "Deadreart Holmes REALLY Liked His Hat"

  1. Although nothing can be said to justify this tragedy. I am obligated to inform you (the public) that stress, frustration and lack of proper guidance, has lead to this most unfortunate situation. After their father passed just 10 months ago and mother being in and out of jail. This could easily set off a train-reaction for catastrophe, the fact that a hat could cause a Cain and Abe effect only amplifies that peace only residues in the hearts of fools…. for life is never guaranteed only leased…..

  2. Lack of proper guidance I can believe but ten months is certainly not enough time without proper guidance for someone to lose all of their moral values and turn them into murderers. Perhaps a lack of proper guidance his entire life is more like it. Stress and frustration? Bullshit.

  3. i have known D for many years i also knew Jason as well. even though i was closer to jason then to D i know that what happened was a complete accident. D and jason loved each other very much and i know that he never ment to hurt jason. i miss jason very much and its even worse to know that he died on my birthday. and as for D i pray that you keep your head up and just know that jason loves you and he’s in heaven looking down on you watching over you. i cnt imagine how hard it is to be going through what your going through but im prayin for you and i hope that you keep your head up and just pray and look for god. even though me and you were never close D i got a lot of love for you. LOVE AND MISS YOU JASON A.K.A JAE now your in heaven with CORVIN A.K.A C-LO i love you both !!

  4. Listen everybody im tired of all this dumb publicity none of you know what really happened the one that was killed was my boyfriend . It was stupid && neither are they they were under the influence didnt know what they were doing . Those two boys were the realist people i ever met && not only did I lose my boyfriend in the situation i lost a friend to the system , though he deserves the time for what he did he regrets it . He told me he cries like a little kid when ever he thinks of it . it hurts to look on tha internet and see people i loved made fun of and what not . so you fck ass hoes and niggas who have nothing good to say why dont you call me instead 813 2647985 ! all day btch !

  5. Lost a friend to the system? I doubt seriously if ‘the system’ was the one doing the murdering.
    Why is it that you can come on here commenting about “hoes and niggas” yet if it was me saying the same I would be called a racist? Personally I think it’s much more effective in getting your point across by writing (or speaking) in proper English rather than whatever Ebonics crap you are spouting.

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