22 Kids Arrested 'in Honor' of Taylor Meyer

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Teenagers tend to do stupid shit at times. I know, I was one of the stupidest of the lot that I ran with. Apparently some friends of Taylor Meyer are just as smart.
Police in Wrentham noticed a large amount of teenagers congregating at a house this past Friday night and decided that they needed to check it out. All in all they busted 22 underage drinkers at the party and two of them were busted for drug possession.
Quite a few of the kids at the party were sporting pink bracelets that Taylor’s mother had given out in order to send a message of remembrance as well as perhaps make them think twice before doing something stupid but apparently that message didn’t quite sink in. One of the cars also had a message written in chalk on it’s back window. “RIP Taylor Meyer – we will never forget you”.
According to the report I read over at WHDH the parents of the teen that threw the party were asleep at the time and didn’t know anything was going on. Yeah, right. Too much partaking perhaps. The parents are bound to be facing charges before the week is out.
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2 throughts on "22 Kids Arrested 'in Honor' of Taylor Meyer"

  1. it was a birthday party for one of the kids there. in no way was it a party in honor of taylor, kids are not that dumb

  2. That’s pretty much what I figured but the end results are the same. Taylor died as a result of drinking and there’s all those kids partying with their bracelets in her honor. Whether the party was a birthday or not doesn’t even matter.

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