James Biela Arrested for the Rape and Murder of Brianna Denison


I mentioned this morning prior to leaving for work that there had been an arrest in the Brianna Denison case and sure enough there has been and it looks like James Michael Biela is the guilty party, although that won’t come for sure until he gets his day in court. This isn’t a court of law however and thus far the evidence points solidly as Biela being the scumsucking bag of excretion that raped and killed Brianna and possibly sexually assaulted several other women as well.
Currently Washoe County sheriff’s detectives are digging in the backyard of the house where James lived at one point. Although they won’t release the details of the search there are only a few things they could be searching for. More dead bodies or hidden evidence such as clothing or murder weapons.
Biela has a bit of a violent history as well. Back in 2002 he was arrested for threatening his ex-girlfriend’s neighbor with a knife. His girlfriend at the time filed a restraining order against him but he was never served with it and the original charge of assault with a deadly weapon was downgraded to simple assault, which is a misdemeanor. 

So how was Biela finally caught? People like us. All the great detective work in the world can’t lead you to a suspect through DNA if they aren’t in any database. In this case someone left an anonymous tip that Biela might have been involved in the murder. After getting the tip Reno police met with Biela, who declined to give a DNA sample. Remember this morning when I said that they had gotten a sample of DNA from Biela? It was actually a DNA sample from his 4-year-old son. Reno detectives also interviewed Biela’s girlfriend at the time of Brianna’s disappearance, Carleen Harmon. Carleen had a son by Biela and although Biela said that Harmon would give him an alibi for the time when Brianna disappeared she could not account for him during the times in question, December 16th 2007 or January 20th 2008.
In addition, Biela moved to Washington (where his mother lives), ostensibly for work, between March and September of this year and sold his Toyota Tacoma pickup truck before he left. What would you like to bet that the truck matches the description of the one police were looking for earlier this year? According to the arrest warrant which I just finished reading it does. If you will remember one of the victims also said there was a baby or toddler shoe on the floorboard as well. Biela’s son’s perhaps?
Carleen went to visit James Biela while he was in Washington and while she was there she found a pair of thong panties in his vehicle. She asked him about them and he claimed to have stolen them from a local laundromat. Makes me wonder if it’s a trophy from Reno or perhaps there are more unnamed victims in Washington that James Biela sexually assaulted.
James Michael Biela is a former United States Marine which just pisses me off to no end. This sullies the reputation of the Marine Corps just as badly as some of the active duty scumbags that have recently committed heinous crimes.


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5 throughts on "James Biela Arrested for the Rape and Murder of Brianna Denison"

  1. This guy is a scum-bag, if he is guilty. And, if so judged, he will meet a just end, but please do not associate psycho killers with the Corps. The Marines are duty bound and total, pride mongers. I know I speak for them when I say, every profession has it’s glitches. Every profession.

  2. I well know that. Both my father and my son are Marines, my son being on active duty. From what I have gathered thus far he was court-martialed for drug usage. Biela’s father went on the record in several interviews and said that he was ‘kicked out’ over it but the Corps, just like other branches, don’t just kick you out unless you’ve been in less than 180 days. I guess if he had been in less than six months he might have gotten a general discharge but I have a feeling it was less-than-honorable. Still looking for info to corroborate that though, which is why I haven’t added it into the story.

  3. Please keep an eye on the history of this POS. I am looking for Biela’s place of residence, what he drove, etc since 1997. Perhaps I’m on a wild goose chase but I believe he may be responsible for two other murders. I have stacks of documentation and similar MO’s, including the military connection and lack of body hair.

  4. White trash scum.
    I hope this piece of work gets what he deserves. You cannot blame the USMC for him, but it does make you wonder.
    Scary. In my experience in the Army I have been around plenty of fat slob tobacco chewing good ole boys, pieces of shit, and this guy looks just like them. Makes me want to puke. People like this need to get identified early and sent away where they can socialize with other scum bags like them, in prison, away from good people like the beautiful girl he so brutally killed.


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