Jorge Aguirre Got Tased…While Driving Naked

I don’t yet have a mug shot or photo of the unlucky Mr. Jorge Aguirre from Santa Ana but will, it just may take awhile.

Driving drunk is certainly no laughing matter but this is about as funny as it gets.  Jorge was driving through Santa Ana when he hit a car. Police officers that were patrolling the neighborhood heard the collision and as the driver of one of the cars flagged them down and pointed to a van driving away.
Officers pulled the van over in a parking lot and as officers were walking toward the van it rolled backward and almost hit the police car. Although the police ordered the man several times to put his hands up he started fumbling around with something in the front seat so they tased him.
While Jorge was stunned officers approached his van and discovered that he was naked and that he had been fumbling around trying to get his clothes.
What a dumb ass

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