Johnny B Good He Was Not


Back in 1988 Jonathan J Good killed a man with a .22 rifle near detroit so he could steal his pickup truck. He was convicted of 2nd-degree murder and armed robbery. Since he’s 36 now that would make him about 16 when he did the crimes. So much for rehabilitation, huh?
He is suspected of being the leader of a gang of teenage thieves and thugs that have been implicated in a string of robberies including a home invasion and shooting this past March. One of them that Good took an active part in was the home invasion of Mike and Teresa Korpal in Morley, Michigan. The two were tied up and robbed and a few days later some of the gang members returned and shot Teresa Korpal in an effort to keep her from identifying them.

Good has been in jail for several months now on charges of attempted murder and kidnapping. One of the co-defendants, Cody Bodo, pleaded guilty in a deal that would end up cutting his prison time short in exchange for his testimony.

I guess Good decided that he didn’t want to spend Thanksgiving in jail so he broke out through a skylight onto the roof clad only in boxers, a t-shirt and rubber shoes. Considering the night-time temperatures in Michigan right now that’s pretty gutsy.
After and intensive manhunt Police caught up with Jonathan J Good in Romulus, Michigan on Sunday afternoon. Police caught him driving a car stolen a few hours earlier.
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