Police in Syracuse, Utah arrested 40-year-old Kimberlee William Arigot last week on charges of unlawful sex with a minor, unlawful sexual conduct and dealing materials harmful to a minor.
Law enforcement started their investigation after receiving a tip that a woman had been sending nude pictures of herself to a teenage boy. Once they started looking into it they discovered that the person in question was actually 18 but considering the rumors they were still pretty concerned.
Turns out that Kimberlee was allegedly having sex over the last six months to a year with three boys ranging in age from 15-17. Kimberlee actually admitted it to police after she had been brought in for questioning. 

Arigot knew the victims through friends of her teenage daughter. According to one report I read she was also allegedly providing the boys with alcohol as well.

She was booked into the Davis County jail last week but is currently out on bail. What’s really sad about this whole thing is that if she’s telling the truth that makes her a sexual predator but unfortunately she will be able to cop a plea deal and get off with NO time served, simply because she is a woman. Were this a man sleeping with 15-year-old girls they would want to bury him under the jail.
While I have managed to find Kimberlee’s husband and daughter on MySpace I haven’t found a profile for her anywhere but Classmates so far and there is no sense in posting the links to the others currently.

Updated 9/29/09 – Back in February Kimberlee pleaded not guilty during a hearing but she apparently has changed her mind in the meantime and pleaded Guilty to Unlawful Sexual Conduct, Unlawful Sexual Activity With a Minor  and Dealing in Harmful Materials yesterday. Her sentencing is scheduled for November 25th.

The prosecutor offered her some sort of plea deal back at the beginning of September and as her court date was supposed to have been the first week of December it looks as though she may have taken it.

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