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Robert Dale Paige

Teenagers do stupid shit. It’s just part and parcel with coming of age and has to be dealt with in a timely and responsible manner. As adults, parents, relatives it is our job to steer them in the right direction. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t. What we shouldn’t do is make stupid choices that cause it to be worse. That’s what Robert Dale Paige (, a maintenance man for the Hermitage Apartments in Valrico, Florida allegedly did.
A 16-year-old relative of Robert Paige ran up a $2,000 cell phone bill. Robert is accused of coming up with the really great scheme to take nude photos of the girl and sell them on the Internet in order to pay off the phone bill. The girl ran away back in September and told law enforcement about the pictures after the crisis center called them. She also told them that she wanted to run away from home and hurt herself.
According to Paige he and another adult talked about making money through a porn site and the girl must have overheard the conversation because she allegedly approached him the next day and offered to take nude pictures to pay it off. He also says that he never forced her. I guess that’s supposed to make him feel better. It certainly doesn’t make it any less despicable or illegal if it’s true.

Paige also claims that he wasn’t going to sell the photographs and they he only took the pictures for practice. Practice makes perfect so they say. Makes me wonder what he was trying to perfect. The FBI found 236 photographs on his computer, which he claims to have never downloaded the photos to and has been charged with three counts of Use of a Child in a Sexual Performance, which is a felony and has been out on $22,500 bond since October 22nd. He was originally arrested on September 24th but I guess it took a while for the FBI to get all of the images from his computer and camera equipment. He also had 15 different charges at first but I guess they have pared that down a bit.
Paige hasn’t logged into his MySpace account since December of last year. Judging from it he doesn’t care much for the law anyway. I could really care less about people that want to smoke pot in the privacy of their own homes just as long as it’s not around kids or hurting anyone but Paige has himself listed as being married and a ‘proud parent’ yet obviously from his page he is a pot head with little respect for authority.
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