December 1, 2008

Joseph Kramer Choked his Wife and Had Sex With Her Corpse

Talk about creepy stuff. This certainly isn’t the most disgusting crime I’ve heard about but it’s pretty darned sick. Amy Lynn Camacho-Marchionne and Joseph L. Kramer had been married for about three years. Over time the abuse dished out by Joseph Kramer snowballed and got worse and worse, eventually culminating in Amy’s horrific death despite…Read more

Curtis Vance Murdered and Raped Anne Pressly

Law Enforcement in Little Rock, Arkansas has charged 28-year-old Curtis Lavelle Vance with murder in the beating death of TV anchorwoman Anne Pressly. News of Anne’s murder was all over the press, TV and Internet in the days following her murder and now, a month later, the police say they know who they are looking…Read more

Ryan and Richard Leber Beat Christopher Dukes in His Sleep

Updated – I’ve been in contact with one of the interested parties over the weekend and would have updated this before but as I mentioned in a post yesterday I’ve been a bit under the weather. The update is at the bottom of the post. I mentioned in my post about Melissa Lightsey that the…Read more