Joseph Kramer Choked his Wife and Had Sex With Her Corpse


Talk about creepy stuff. This certainly isn’t the most disgusting crime I’ve heard about but it’s pretty darned sick.
Amy Lynn Camacho-Marchionne and Joseph L. Kramer had been married for about three years. Over time the abuse dished out by Joseph Kramer snowballed and got worse and worse, eventually culminating in Amy’s horrific death despite a protective order that was designed to keep Kramer away from his estranged wife. So much for victim’s rights and the protection of abuse victims.
Back at the end of June Joseph Kramer attacked his wife in their home in Washington Township. She asked Joseph not to go for a ride on his bike because he had been drinking so he assaulted her by first grabbing her by the throat and pushing her into the wall, throwing her to the ground and kicking her in the head as well as punching her in the side of the head and jaw. It was such an awful beating that Amy Lynn ended up with a metal plate in her face. He also threatened her with a gun. He chambered a round, putting the gun to her head and then went into their bedroom where he put a bullet into the ceiling.

In spite of the terrible beating that Kramer gave his wife, Amy had the courage to testify against him in court back in July. A protection order was put into effect that prohibited Kramer from having any contact whatsoever with his wife and was good until July 2009. Kramer was held in Berks County Jail until he posted a $50,000 bond back on July 30th and Amy Kramer moved to Pottstown around the same time.

 On October 24th Joseph Kramer showed up at his wife’s house and apparently argued with her over a credit card bill. He called the Pottstown Police himself at around 11:45pm that night and told them that he had strangled his wife during an argument.
 Kramer tried to choke her with his hands and when that wasn’t successful he used a rope to finish the job. Once she was dead he tried to have sex with her dead body.
 He was originally arrested on charges of 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree murder, attempted rape, attempted involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, tampering with evidence and abuse of a corpse. I don’t know what the final charges are right now but I do know that a judge has arraigned him on charges of 1st-degree murder as of earlier today.
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