Kenya Davis and Rickey Gavin are Murderous Fiends

Kenya Evette Davis and Rickey Joseph Gavin

29-year-old Rebecca Pruitt was a second-grade teacher at Mason Elementary School in Laurel, Mississippi. A dedicated teacher who loved life as well as the loving wife of two years to Kenneth Pruitt. She was also a kind-hearted woman as evident by her actions just prior to being murdered in cold blood by the two pictured above.
Rickey Joseph Gavin, 23, and Kenya Evette Davis, 17, went to the Pruitt’s house claiming to need the phone. Rebecca Pruitt was home for Thanksgiving break and her husband was at work. Mrs Pruitt even invited them to share her lunch which she had just prepared. Unfortunately the two had a much darker purpose for being there.

After eating lunch with Rebecca Pruitt the two knocked her unconscious, taped her ankles and mouth and then brutally stabbed her 18 times before dousing her with gasoline and lighting her on fire. Thanks for the lunch, lady. Can’t get much harsher than that.

So why did they do it? Revenge? Anger? Jealousy, perhaps? I guess the latter is closest to the truth since what they really wanted was her flat-screen television. Yep, these two got away with quite a haul; her television, cell phone, $30 and her car which they later abandoned. 
Davis and Gavin were both arrested the next day after police located the car and have given video-taped confessions indicting each other in the murder. They have both been denied bond in this heinous crime and will sit in jail until they are tried for the murder. 
I do have a link to at least Kenya Davis’ MySpace page but I will be leaving it out for now until I am 100% sure it’s her.
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  1. Rebecca was my best friend in high school. Her father was my church pastor. She was the best. We had just got back in touch via myspace in July, and I was planning to go see her this summer. Last Sunday, I found out about this murder. It tears me apart. She did not deserve this. I hope those two are electricuted very slowly and painfully.

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