Ernesto Gonzalez to Face Kidnapping Charges


Ernesto Gonzalez, father of missing Giovanni Gonzalez, is to be arraigned on new charges of Parental Kidnapping and Willfully Misleading Police tomorrow. He was indicted this afternoon by a grand jury in Essex on the new charges. If he is convicted he’ll face up to eleven years in jail on these charges.
Ever since Giovanni went missing back on August 16th Ernesto has denied involvement (at least originally) but witnesses told police that they saw the two of them together on August 16th.
Back at the end of November Gonzalez confessed to having killed Giovanni but investigators don’t believe his story and launched a new search for him two days after the confession.
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  1. I don’t know the specifics of this case, though I do remember it. I’d like to provide information of possabilities. Just “FYI” (though again I am not aware of any specifics) Did you know, that many parents are falsely accused of Child Abuse or Neglect WIC 300? (I have proof). The government receives in excess of $16,000 PER CHILD PER MONTH to take them from their parents. THIS IS A HUGE COPORATE BUSINESS. After a “social worker”, almost all cases does NOT have a license to do Social Work, litterly KIDNAPS a child from the parents, they then make False allegations in order to justify their actions. The parents are NEVER allowed IN the court room, as these court procedings are deemed “Private”. Parents are NOT allowed to defend themselves, litterely. They are TOLD that their children will come home IF they Plead in the case, then their promises are never granted, but by this time, it’s to late, Social Services have gotten exactly what they want. The Plea is Nolo Contestre, which means they are basically telling the courts “I am an infant child and am completely incompetant to make a decision, therefore I wish the court from this moment foreward to make all decisions for me”, and the Plea can NEVER be Appealed. The parents are TRAPPED, and the children are in the mouths of the Wolves.
    It is my opinion and the opinion of many others that, the AMBER ALERTS are simply parents trying to “kidnap their children back”, (such a tragic explaination, since these ARE their children afterall).
    Social Services uses words such as “Mental issues”, “accused of Neglect”, “Accused of Abuse”, or even “it has been found” for such allegations. THINK about thse phrases next time you see an Amber Alert – and ask yourself “Could this possably be a Parent that loves their child?” Also, if your child was kidnapped, and the only people you can plea to negotiate to were the people who kidnapped him/her, what would YOU do? How far would YOU go to protect your child? Would you “kidnap your child back?” Would you put YOUR child in hiding? I’m just curious how far would a parent go to protect their child. I’m just curious, what do you think is the extent of how far a parent should go TO PROTECT THEIR CHILDREN?
    If interested, feel free to ask, and I can validate my statements.

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