Don’t Show Your Boobs to Customers!

So there’s this waitress working in one of my restaurants. I say working but but whatever the fuck she’s working on is something I ain’t selling.
Anyway, this waitress is pretty much worthless. She sits around doing not much of anything, expecting that the customers are there for her benefit and not the other way around. Slacks on doing dishes and end of shift sidework and has yet to clean anything. Pretty much worthless. I would say that a good 60% of my associates are this way except for the fact that if I specifically give them direction they will follow it for the most part. Most of them want direction, it’s the managers that can’t provide it that get shitty results.
I started hearing complaints from some of the associates that this girl had shown her tits to one of the customers and at one point dropped her pants for another.
This ain’t Hooters, folks, nor is it a fucking strip joint. It’s a family atmosphere and the last thing I want my kids to see is some skanky bitch dropping her fucking pants. The manager confirmed the complaint to me as well. That’s the other thing, but it’s something I will have to deal with later, the fact that she (the manager) confirmed it to me but had not taken any fucking action. Christ, grow some balls and act like a business owner.
Yesterday one of the ladies that works for me clued me in one another bit that this girl had done. It seems that a group of young men came in during the evening last week and she started flirting with them. No big deal. Some waitresses think it increases their tips to flirt with the customers and with some guys it does. The problem with that is that it can lead to embarrassing and otherwise unwanted situations.
She grabs one of these guy’s cell phones and takes it into the bathroom with her. Why, you ask? Do you really need to fucking ask? Yes, she took nekked pictures of herself and her ‘hidden piercings’ for the boys.
Fuck. And I didn’t even get to see them.
Anyway, I figure I will have to fire the bitch today since the manager is going to wait for me to do it anyway. The only problem is that I have no way to get in touch with her and she doesn’t come to work until 4pm this afternoon at which time I will be on my way to Alabama for the company Christmas party. ooops. I can either just take her off the schedule and make her wait until the manager gets back from her days off or I suppose I could always just stick her separation notice in an envelope along with a note that says “we don’t show our boobs to the customers”

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  1. You could leave her a note saying the guy that got the picture on his phone called you and complained that her pussy is ugly and wants her fired.

  2. I laughed my ass off when I saw this.
    She came in to get paid this afternoon and I told her that due to inappropriate behavior we would no longer be needing her. She acted like it was no big deal, smiled and asked if she had another check coming. Jeez.

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