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Updated – the remains found last week have been positively identified as Caylee Anthony. The rest of the update is at the bottom of the post.
Investigators are still searching the area near the Anthony’s house and the investigation there is likely to last through the weekend now since significant skeletal remains have been found there this week. There has also been some other stuff found although the Orange County Sheriff won’t comment on it. The Orlando Sentinel, after reviewing over 170 crime scene photos released by the sheriff’s department has discovered what may be a book belonging to Caylee Anthony. Possibly the same book she is seen reading in a video made by her grandparents prior to her disappearance.
There is more news as well. The call made to the sheriff’s department after the meter reader found the skull was not the first one he had made.

Apparently he called in three times back in August. First he called the sheriff’s office, then the next day he called the crimeline and a couple of days later he called the sheriff’s office again. I suppose that this last month he just finally got fed up and decided to search the area himself and then reported his find to his supervisor. This certainly gives credence to what George and Cindy Anthony have been saying for months, that the sheriff’s office isn’t following up on the tips that it is receiving. Crap, they could have found her body four months ago had they checked on the tip when it was first called in.

Update – As everyone has no doubt heard by now that the remains of the child found less than a mile from the Anthony’s house has been positively identified as Caylee Anthony. Orange County Medical Examiner Dr Jan Garavaglia was part of a press conference yesterday in which is was announced that the remains are Caylee’s.
According to Dr Garavaglia they may never know exactly what killed Caylee. The FBI Forensic lab in Virginia did identify the bones and they still need to do toxicology testing but it’s unlikely that they are going to get any information after this long. Dr Garavaglia said that the cause of death is being listed as homicide by undetermined means. If more information is gleaned from the remains they can change that later.
Casey Anthony was informed of the information shortly before the press conference but it’s unknown what her reaction was. 

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